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10 Best Things About Tartaglia From Genshin Impact

Tartaglia, Ajax, Childe, or whatever other name he goes by at the moment, is one of genshin impact beloved husbands. Always cocky and always looking for the next big fight, Tartaglia is number eleven of the Fatui Harbingers, but he was the first one fans met in-game during the search for Archon Liyue.

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The infamous and icy Fatui Heralds of Snezhnaya have earned quite a fearsome reputation throughout Teyvat, but Tartaglia is especially notorious. Even considered an oddity among the other members of Fatui, Tartaglia never fails to stand out from the crowd in the best possible way.

10/10 Tartaglia is chaotic and unpredictable

Tartaglia enjoys causing mayhem and lives for the adrenaline rush of fighting. Tartaglia is very difficult to read because she almost always has a smirk on her face and carries herself with a proud disposition. No one can know what he is really thinking, which is why it is one of the Fatui’s most dangerous weapons.

Tartaglia isn’t as intriguing as his fellow Fatui either. While other Fatui members would rather execute plans they’ve been thinking about for weeks, Tartaglia is much more spontaneous and direct.

9/10 Tartaglia is not skilled with bows, but he forces himself to use one in order to master it.

Childe's water spear in Genshin Impact.

Although players have to equip Tartaglia with a bow if they plan to use it in-game, he’s actually not that skilled with the weapon. He said that he is terrible at using it, but he forces himself to use one so that it will eventually master him.

On Tartaglia’s voice-over-weapons line, he said that he is not at all an expert with a bow. However, that is exactly why he has to master it. It seems that Childe is used to hand-to-hand combat, so mastering the bow would make him invincible.

8/10 Tartaglia can’t stand slacking off

Tartaglia from Genshin Impact on a ship.

A character’s inactive voice lines can tell players a lot about them in genshin impact. In the case of Tartaglia, he took the opportunity to complain about being idle. On his voice line, Tartaglia reminded the Traveler that standing around doing nothing is not the best way to track down his enemies, telling them that there are much better ways to do it.

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It’s fitting for someone like Tartaglia, as he’s always looking for the next big fight. However, he raises the question of whether Tartaglia really knows how to take a break.

7/10 Tartaglia was Zhongli’s friend

Zhongli and Childe from Genshin Impact.

At some point, Zhongli and Tartaglia were close friends. However, Tartaglia did not take kindly to Zhongli faking his death, and has resented it ever since. Zhongli still seems to think that they are on good terms, and even invite him out for a drink from time to time.

Hilariously, Tartaglia has two separate voice lines about the Geo Archon. In one, he talks about how he looks forward to seeing Zhongli’s full power. In another, he bitterly talks about how Zhongli assimilated into humanity and then talks about challenging him to a fight.

6/10 Tartaglia loves to be the center of attention

Childe's outfit in the Teyvat Chapter Interlude teaser in Genshin Impact.

Most Fatui members would rather keep their dirty work a secret and hide in the shadows so no one knows where they are lurking. Tartaglia, on the other hand, does his best to stand out from the crowd. He is theatrical, over-the-top, and utterly ridiculous compared to other Fatui members.

Because of this, the rest of Fatui sees him as an abnormality. After all, Tartaglia’s behavior makes him and everyone else stand out like sore thumbs. Tartaglia forced himself out into the open, and there’s nothing the Fatui can do about it.

5/10 Tartaglia is a reliable ally

Childe, Xinyan, and Paimon from Genshin Impact.

Tartaglia may have sworn allegiance to Snezhnaya, but he has proven to be a valuable ally to the Traveler. After tricking everyone and summoning a centuries-old vengeful dragon to destroy the port of Liyue just for his own amusement, Tartaglia atoned for his actions by always being there for the Traveler.

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Tartaglia is also trusted by the Fatui and always diligently carries out the orders given to him. He is especially loyal to his family, always placing them above any mission assigned to him. Tartaglia can be chaotic and unpredictable, but he definitely gets the job done.

4/10 Tartaglia is loyal to Tsaritsa

Tartaglia from Genshin Impact smiling.

After falling into the Abyss as a child, Tartaglia was saved and recruited by Skirk. From there, he became one of Fatui’s most ruthless soldiers, pledging alliance with Snezhnaya and Tsaritsa. In some of his voice lines, Tartaglia expresses the greatest admiration for the Cryo Archon.

Tartaglia says that Tsaritsa is actually a kind-hearted person. In fact, he even says that his heart is too soft, so he had to harden it and push the others away. Tartaglia explains that his plight to steal the gnosis and seize Teyvat is simply to usher in a new era of peace.

3/10 Tartaglia admits that he is not one of the good ones

Official art of Tartaglia from Genshin Impact.

Tartaglia openly admits that it is a bad thing. It is an accurate statement, considering that he is part of an organization that is currently terrorizing Teyvat on behalf of his nation’s archon. Many of his voice lines demonstrate his moral ambiguity and his greatest desire to become the strongest.

In one, reflects Tartaglia, “This place is pretty dead; by which I mean there is nothing to kill.” In another, he says, “If it makes me stronger, I’ll take it. Vision? Excellent. Cheated? It does not mind if I do. Heretical Teachings of the Abyss? Sign me up.”

2/10 Tartaglia knows how to cook

Tartaglia from Genshin Impact.

When players add Tartaglia to their Serenitea Pots in genshin impact, they should definitely build the Cottage Kitchen set. Tartaglia is a surprisingly good cook, and many of his voice lines speak of his passion for creating delicious food for the people he cares about.

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When players add Cottage Kitchen to their Serenitea Pots, Tartaglia will have some interesting things to say about cooking. In a voice line, Tartaglia says: “The arts of cooking and war are not that different. Testing your opponent’s dishes is also a form of battle.alluding to a possible cooking competition between him and the Traveler, as they are currently friendly rivals.

1/10 Tartaglia loves his family

Teucer and Tartaglia in Genshin Impact.

Despite admitting he’s not one of the good guys, there’s no denying that Tartaglia’s heart is in the right place, at least when his family is involved. In their search for the story, players met Tartaglia’s younger brother, Teucer. Teucer missed Tartaglia very much, so he made the journey from Snezhnaya to Liyue to see him again.

Taken by surprise, Tartaglia asks the Traveler to distract his brother while he works. After all, he doesn’t want a child to witness the gruesome nature of working for a powerful crime syndicate. In the quest, Tartaglia even calls himself the best toy seller on Snezhnaya to hide the true nature of his Teucer job.

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