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10 Best Things About My Hero Academia’s Shoto Todoroki

my hero academia It has a cast full of lovable characters. There are many characters to enjoy in the series, from the angry and cheeky Katsuki Bakugou to the kind and dedicated protagonist Izuku Midoriya. One of those characters, Shoto Todoroki, has a lot to love, from his icy exterior to his fierce dedication.

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Shoto Todoroki quickly went from being a background character in the first season to one of the most important characters in the entire series. Throughout the course of my hero academiaTodoroki has become a favorite of many viewers and remains one of the best written characters in the entire series.

This article contains mentions of abuse.

10/10 Shoto Todoroki has a distinct personality

When he first meets Todoroki, he seems aloof and aloof from others. He seems as cool as ice about his quirk and even a little too confident in his abilities.

Actually, Todoroki is a bit of a space cadet. He is not always knowledgeable about social cues and sometimes says things that are unintentionally funny. Todoroki’s lack of conscience is incredibly endearing to his friends and fans. Beneath Todoroki’s cold exterior is really just a socially awkward teenager who doesn’t always say the right thing, but usually means well.

9/10 Shoto Todoroki has an extremely powerful quirk

Shoto Todoroki in a tournament in My Hero Academia.

Although Todoroki may not have initially accepted the half, his quirk is exceptional even among his peers. Having the powers of fire and ice makes him an incredibly versatile combatant. Thanks to his training, Todoroki can use his quirk easily and quickly to great effect.

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With his quirk, Todoroki can use long and short range attacks. He can easily regulate his temperature thanks to his two opposite temperaments. Todoroki can even combine his fire and ice to create an extremely powerful blast to knock out his enemies.

8/10 Shoto Todoroki perseveres under pressure

Shoto Todoroki using his fire in My Hero Academia.

Todoroki is a character who doesn’t give up easily, even when the going gets tough. Although he may not be as determined as Bakugo or as stubborn as Midoriya, he stands his ground and doesn’t give up.

Despite having every reason not to want to be a hero, Todoroki has chosen to become one of his own free will. He wants to be a hero who can put people at ease and try his best to be his best. He has persevered through his tense past and will continue to persevere through an uncertain future.

7/10 Shoto Todoroki’s character design reflects his inner turmoil

Todoroki Shoto in My Hero Academia.

Shoto Todoroki has one of the most interesting character designs in the entire series. He is literally split in half, the fire side of him is a blazing red and the ice side of him is a crisp white. He also has heterochromia, his left eye is a vibrant turquoise and his right is a muted gray.

Todoroki’s design also gives an idea of ​​his fights. Like his physical scar, he is in pain from both the quirk and the legacy he inherited from his father. His feelings about heroism are also split down the middle. This dichotomy in his appearance highlights his divided emotions.

6/10 Shoto Todoroki has a developed backstory

Young Todoroki crying in My Hero Academia.

The mangaka, Kohei Horikoshi, is a master at giving his characters compelling backstories. Todoroki is no different. The history of him being born with the sole purpose of besting All Might makes him a character with a lot riding on the story as a whole.

Todoroki has suffered numerous instances of abuse because of his father’s ill-tempered ambition. As Endeavour’s perfect creation, he is expected to fulfill his purpose. Almost everyone in his family has hurt him in some way. Although his past is bleak, Todoroki’s backstory sets the stage for a great character exploration.

5/10 Shoto Todoroki’s growth is admirable

Todoroki Shoto reveals his new move in My Hero Academia.

Todoroki has come a long way since the Sports Festival. He went from being cold and distant to being more open with his classmates, even going so far as to befriend Midoriya and her group. He has allowed himself to be less serious and severe with people.

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Todoroki has also grown up with his personal quirk and beliefs. Recently, Todoroki has stopped seeing himself split in two. He has started trying to combine the two sides of his quirk to make a move. His progress with his quirk reflects his progress with himself. As he grows in confidence with himself, so does his quirk.

4/10 Shoto Todoroki supports his friends when they need it

Bakugo and Todoroki working together on My Hero Academia.

Although Todoroki may seem cold and indifferent, he is actually a very selfless person. When Midoriya calls for help, Todoroki immediately drops everything to go to his location. When Iida is at his lowest point, Todoroki is there to reignite Iida’s momentum.

Todoroki constantly acts as a support for his classmates and friends. He comforted Midoriya when he was stressed and constantly helps Bakugo with quests whether Bakugo likes it or not. One of Todoroki’s greatest strengths is his willingness to provide support both on and off the battlefield.

3/10 Shoto Todoroki is funny when he wants to be

Shoto Todoroki from My Hero Academia.

Todoroki is often unintentionally funny due to being socially awkward and not reading social cues correctly. However, Todoroki actually has his own sense of humor.

Todoroki is best with dry humor, often making sarcastic and biting comments, usually directed at his father. He also has impeccable comic timing, such as when he hung up on his father in mid-scream or when he slurped loudly to emphasize his point. His specific brand of humor is unmatched by the rest of the cast and adds another layer to his aloof personality.

2/10 Shoto Todoroki is willing to connect with the people who have hurt him

Todoroki Shoto and Toya in My Hero Academia.

One of Todoroki’s best traits is his ability to forgive. Many people in Todoroki’s life have hurt him in very personal ways. However, he still manages to extend compassion to them.

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Todoroki can even hear his father, who has possibly hurt him the most. Although he started out hurt and bitter, he has gradually become a more compassionate person. He has already forgiven his mother for hurting him and is willing to try to save his evil brother despite all the things he has done to hurt Shoto.

1/10 Shoto Todoroki’s fights are relatable

Bakugo, Todoroki and Midoriya from My Hero Academia.

Despite being a superpowered hero-in-training, Todoroki is very relatable to many audience members. The struggles with his family, fantastic as they are, are rooted in real issues many people face.

Todoroki’s flaws, his bitterness, and his fears can be understood by anyone who watches the series. Viewers from all walks of life can feel the lessons he goes through. She stands out as not just a relatable person, but an inspiration to anyone going through difficult times or dealing with family abuse.

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