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10 Best Things About House Of The Dragon Episode 6

House of the Dragon continues to outdo itself with every passing episode. Though final week’s episode “We Light the Way” left viewers in shock, they aren’t given a lot time to course of as they’re thrown into a completely new dynamic. Episode 6 is full of pleasure and intrigue as followers are invited to turn out to be reacquainted with the characters they thought they knew.

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Episode 5 brilliantly arrange contending factions, leaving followers to marvel how they’ll enact their pursuit of the Iron Throne. Now, not solely are there distinct political sides, however the opposing events are ready to take motion to additional their bureaucratic agendas. Still, Episode 6 proves that whereas many issues have modified, others are nonetheless very a lot the identical.

9 Several Characters Have Grown Up

The announcement of Rhaenyra and Alicent’s character change precipitated followers to eagerly await Emma D’arcy and Emily Cook’s arrival within the collection. As these are two central characters, followers remained focus this alteration. However, Episode 6 launched grown up variations of Leanor, Laenor,

8 More Dragons

Dragons are a big a part of Targaryen historical past and their management over these magnificent creatures made them the fearsome drive nations acknowledged. Daenerys’ interplay along with her three dragons are the one scenes followers have been capable of witness. Episode 6 showcases thrilling dragon races, and dragon coaching.

7 Varys Is Still Alive

After Varys collapsed,


5 The Next Generation Is Introduced

The new princes and princess

4 Alicent Raised Suspicions About Rhaenyra’s Children

3 Daemon Started A New Family Of His Own

The dance Daemon shared with Laena on the Wedding Celebration proved to be greater than a meaningless flirtation. Daemon and Leana at the moment are married with two kids and one on the best way. While Daemon was so depressing in his final marriage it drove him to commit homicide, he appears to genuinely look after Laena.

Though Daemon has confirmed himself because the collection’ villain, and has dedicated a number of heinous acts, it is endearing to see him step into the position of a loving husband and father.

2 Ser Criston Provoked Ser Harwen

It’s clear that Ser Criston is a person scorned, and he barely makes any makes an attempt to hid his contempt for his former paramour. While coaching the younger princes, Ser Harwen criticized his educating expertise. This supplied Ser Criston the chance to check his concept.

He deliberately staged an uneven match between Aegon and Jacaerys and inspired Aegon to overpower his younger nephew. Once Jacaerys was down, Ser Harwen angrily stopped the struggle. Ser Criston used this second to accuse Ser Harwen of being Jacaerys’ father, to which he responded by attacking Ser Criston.

1 Rhaenyra Suggested That They Betroth Jacaerys To Helaena

In an try to quell the strife between their homes and distract everybody from their rising suspicions, Rhaenyra proposed to Alicent that they betroth their kids and permit them to rule collectively. None of Rhaenyra’s three kids resemble her husband Laenor, and she or he is conscious that everybody’s rising suspicions about her kids’s parentage will quickly threaten her declare to the throne.

While her father is thrilled by this proposal, Alicent sees it for what it actually is, injury management. She rapidly ends the assembly and later tells her husband she has little interest in betrothing her solely daughter to an illegitimate baby.

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