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10 Best Thanksgiving Movies, Ranked

As soon as the first of November rolls around, it’s a never-ending holiday celebration starring eccentric relatives no one really expects to see. So, don’t put away those Halloween knives just yet, because it’s turkey day! (Knives exclusively for carving turkeys, of course.)

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Jokes aside, Thanksgiving dinners are ironically notorious for getting too chaotic. Despite it being a day of gratitude, surely everyone can do without the awkward catch-up sessions and inappropriate banter from some drunken relative they see once a year. With that, there’s nothing wrong with hosting a Thanksgiving classic movie marathon to drown out the chaos and provide some small talk that everyone can pass over during family bonding time.

This article contains mentions of problematic topics. Proceed with caution.

10/10 Free Birds Plays Devil’s Advocate by Sharing a Turkey’s Thanksgiving Experience

Fattened for the slaughterhouse, turkeys in free bird gain awareness, refusing to be subject to millennial tradition. The animated comedy invites a fantastical element to the film by introducing a magical knob that allows the two titular birds to travel through time to change the course of history as they know it.

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Frankly, the movie is a joke. The best part of the movie is that it keeps the family’s diminutive gremlins busy for an hour and thirty-one minutes, giving the adults some time to relax before going back into parenting mode. However, it is enough background noise to fill the dull moments that will sooner or later seep into the walls of the family home.

9/10 The House Of Yes Gives Dysfunctional Families A New Meaning

the house of yes

Bringing a significant other to meet the family over Thanksgiving is stressful enough, but for Lesly, all that pressure is amplified by an incestuous younger sister who thinks she’s Jackie-O. It’s never easy to watch an ex get married. It makes it that much harder when said ex is a biological brother.

The haunting scenes of incest foreplay and gun kinks may not exactly be family-friendly material, but it definitely puts things in perspective. Not even the worst dinner parties can compete with this incredible movie. It’s not a conventional Thanksgiving movie, but it’s brutally hilarious. The dark comedy almost makes up for the traumatic plot.

8/10 Pieces Of April hosts a Thanksgiving dinner in a tiny New York apartment

bits of april

Comedy is the ideal in-between genre to set the tone for a chaotic evening. Trying to host a quaint Thanksgiving dinner for her dying mother doesn’t go as planned for April. As her estranged family takes a road trip from Pennsylvania to New York, gossiping about the family’s disgraced black sheep, April struggles to put everything in order, trying to unite heaven and earth to make a proper Thanksgiving dinner without a working oven.

Comedy isn’t necessarily a feel-good feeling that the family can bond with lightly. Still, it conveys an important message that many forget during the bittersweet time of the year. The importance of the family is emphasized at the end of the film. In fact, blood is thicker than water.

7/10 Ice Storm Presents The Ugly Truth Behind Thanksgiving

the ice fountain

Although the depressing themes shown in the ice storm aren’t explicitly correlated with Thanksgiving, all the sins unraveling in the movie don’t make for a particularly joyous watch. Unsurprisingly, the lives of two incredibly miserable families include sexual adventures and large volumes of alcohol taking center stage.

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Recognized by the Cannes Film Festival, the 1970s melodrama is a captivating watch. Powerful acting and elegant direction are a must despite the film’s dark, juxtaposed tone with happy holidays.

6/10 Home For The Holidays combines polarizing tropes of characters into a single family

home for the holidays

“We don’t have to like each other, we’re family.” Jodie Foster crams all the other disparate character tropes into one family: a teen eager to lose her virginity, a closeted brother who brings home an undercover friend, a conservative sister, a privileged brother-in-law, and a single mom going through a hell. of a midlife crisis.

The audience sympathizes with the internal turmoil of Claudia, a single mother. Especially her reluctance to come home for the holidays with nothing to brag about to infuriating family members. The stellar cast does a glamorous job of playing their respective characters. His fantastic performance makes it much easier to accept the struggles of each character. Without leaving much to the imagination, the film is easy to watch, perfect for a room of gluttonous people struggling with their food comas.

5/10 The Blind Side inspires everyone to spread kindness

the blind side

Possibly one of Sandra Bullock’s most inspiring characters, the blind side follows the true story of Michael Oher finally finding his family. On the surface, Leigh Anne Tuohy saves Michael from a life of homelessness. But to dig into the nuances of the film, it’s Michael who saves the Tuohy family from a lifetime of estrangement.

Before Michael stepped onto the scene, the Tuohy family enjoyed their store-bought Thanksgiving dinner in front of the television, enjoying the football game from the comfort of their couch. While not traditional, it’s not exactly “wrong.” However, Michael opens their eyes to the true nature of family ties. As each family member grows closer and closer, the blind side emphasizes the true meaning of the family and its imperative role in the sense of belonging in the life of each person.

4/10 Krisha is a heartbreaking watch


Thanksgiving dinners can get overwhelmingly hectic pretty quickly. From the moment the first relative waltzes through the front door, the air changes and fear settles in its place. For Krisha, the above statement is not just over-the-top creative writing. After a messy fight, Krisha, in his sixties, returns to her family’s home for a long-awaited reunion.

Shults’ debut indie film is no light watch. He is tortured and raw and it hits all the harder when he realizes that he chose members of his own family for his semi-autobiography. The movie being shot in his actual childhood home adds even more authenticity to the mix. Shults’ cinematic style accentuates the emotional claustrophobia of escalating conflicts. Writer-director Shults earned a critically acclaimed reputation with this debut masterpiece.

3/10 A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is a quintessential Thanksgiving watch

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Being launched almost half a century ago officially Charlie Brown Thanksgiving one last Thanksgiving classic. In addition to the obligatory family dinner at Grandma’s house, Charlie throws a small party in her backyard. Although simple and untraditional, the Misery The clan shares an intimate family dinner, complete with Woodstock and Snoopy breaking a lucky bone and Sally complaining about her Halloween candy.

It is a film that unites everyone. Even if no children are present, the cartoon takes everyone down memory lane, bringing back the fondest Thanksgiving dinners of your childhood. It shows that a sense of belonging and togetherness is what Thanksgiving is all about, even if the party is missing a big fat turkey and a family bound by blood.

2/10 Addams Family Values ​​Is A Thanksgiving Movie With Horror Elements

Addams Family Values

The bloodthirsty nature of Wednesday gains immense popularity, eclipsing the true roots of the Thanksgiving program. As Pocahontas, Wednesday Addams declares his intentions to scalp the invaders and burn his village to the ground.

Playing with dark tones, the somewhat morbid Addams Family Values I understand that Thanksgiving was not a pleasant time in history for all parties. Young Wednesday shows empathy for Native Americans regarding the holiday’s racist origins. His powerful and moving speech addresses the unfair and misplaced cover-up of Thanksgiving that forgoes the bloodshed on which it is based. In the age of political consciousness, the Addams Family Values is an important film that educates its viewers on the seedier aspects of Thanksgiving.

1/10 Planes, Trains & Automobiles is the best Thanksgiving movie bar none

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

After scores of dysfunctional on-screen families eager to escape the cruel and unusual punishment of family bonding, Planes, Trains and Automobiles follows the grueling adventure of a family man eager to be with his loved ones during this time of year. The universe works against him while unforeseen disasters greet him at every turn.

Coming from the creator of Home aloneno wonder Planes, Trains and Automobiles share the same chaotic and healthy energy. From the feel-good finale to the heartwarming ’90s niche comedy, Planes, Trains and Automobiles it’s guaranteed to bring even the most polarized family members together this coming Thanksgiving.

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