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10 Best Improvised Lines In TV Shows

Dialogue can change the course of an entire television show. From confessions to one-liners, what a character says can reveal their personality, motivations, and inner thoughts. These words are carefully crafted in a writers room, selected and edited to fit the story the writers are trying to tell.

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However, there have been many times when an actor is so in tune with his character that he improvises on the spot. While these ad-libs don’t always make the final cut, there are some memorable lines that were composed by the actors. These impromptu lines range from the hilarious to the tragic and show just how deeply the actors can connect with their characters.

10/10 “Isn’t that right, Big Boy?” -Joseph Quinn

Strange things

fans of Strange things are wary of new characters, however, Joseph Quinn’s Eddie Munson became an instant fan favorite in season 4. Eddie’s friendship with Dustin causes some friction between him and Steve, as both characters unknowingly they are jealous of each other’s bond with Dustin.

Throughout the season, that friction gives way to a budding friendship and even outright flirtations, mostly from Eddie. When the Party has to rob an RV, Eddie assures Robin that he won’t be driving. The line originally had Eddie saying: “Harrington has itbut Quinn improvised the “No, big boy??” line. The words really shocked Joe Keery and Maya Hawke.

9/10 “Today you have to lose” – Oscar Isaac

moon knight

Jake Lockley in Moon Knight.

Oscar Isaac has been credited for many of the character decisions at Marvel Studios. moon knight. He decided to make Steven Grant British while Marc Spector was American. Fans and critics alike raved about Isaac’s performance, proving that the actor understood the character and was able to execute a highly creative vision.

In the season finale, audiences finally got to meet the third alter, Jake Lockley. While his only line of dialogue was in the script, it was Isaac’s idea to have Lockley speak Spanish. Isaac lobbied until the director agreed to keep it in the final cut.

8/10 “You might have ‘network connectivity issues'” – Chris Pratt

Parks and Recreation

Chris Pratt in Parks and Recreation

While Marvel Studios Guardians of the Galaxy launched Chris Pratt to stardom, many comedy fans already knew him from Parks and Recreation. Three years before his MCU debut, Pratt pulled off what the series’ executive producer calls “the funniest gag on the show.”

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Leslie is sick with the flu, and as she is escorted out of her office, she walks past Andy from Pratt. She wasn’t originally supposed to speak in the scene, but with the camera on him, Pratt pointed to her computer and said, “Leslie, I wrote your symptoms up here, and it says you might have “network connectivity issues.”.'”

7/10 The whole scene of Robin Williams and Billy Crystal


Robin Williams and Billy Crystal with Rachel, Chandler and Phoebe at Central Perk

No one can dispute that Robin Williams was a comedic genius. His totally unexpected cameo in Friends prove that Williams and Billy Crystal were working in the studio next to the Friends set and were asked to make a brief appearance on the show.

Being so last minute, Williams and Crystal improvised their entire scene, which is considered one of the best cold opens in the series. The entire exchange was so outrageous and random that even the main cast members were hanging on their guests’ every word as they sat on the couch at Central Perk.

6/10 “Damn heat!” -Andre Braugher

brooklyn 99

Captain Raymond Holt Announces the Fourth Halloween Heist Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Braugher’s Captain Holt was not one for mischief. Regardless, his monotone voice and deadpan expressions executed his humor in hilarious fashion. As such, whenever Captain Holt showed any sort of emotion, he had a huge comedic impact on viewers.

in one of brooklyn nine nineThe most memorable cold of opens, 99 theorizes why the always punctual Santiago is late for work. They all come up with hilarious and ridiculous possibilities, while Holt suggests that she got stuck in the bank. When Santiago arrives, she admits that there was a line at the bank. In response, Braugher improvised a victorious and overly forceful response: “Damn!”

5/10 “I, Ross, take you to Rachel” – David Schwimmer


Ross Geller demonstrating 'unagi' on Friends

Friends He’s famous for many iconic catchphrases and one-liners, but one of his best bits of dialogue was a complete accident. Ross and Rachel’s relationship went through several ups and downs in the series, with one of the lowest points being Ross and Emily’s disastrous wedding.

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During rehearsals, David Schwimmer accidentally got Emily and Rachel’s names mixed up. The writers realized that the comic mayhem they could create by writing that mix-up at the wedding scene was too good to pass up. It ended up being the final moment of that season.

4/10 “My dad is dead?” -Jason Segel

how i met your mother

How I met Lily and Marshall from your mother

In the DVD commentary of how i met your mother, it was revealed that Jason Segel had no idea that his character’s father was going to die. He didn’t read Alyson Hannigan’s lines for the scene. When Hannigan, who played Lily, broke the news to Marshall, her reaction to the news was largely Segel’s genuine reaction.

“My dad is dead?Segel asked. He then went on to say: “I’m not ready for this.“It was a beautiful display of emotion that can only happen when an actor really feels the same as their character.

3/10 “Close Your Eyes, Baby” – Susanna Thompson


Moira queen in arrow

Regardless of what critics and viewers thought Arrow, one thing that cannot be denied is that the show knew how to make a death scene incredibly sad. One of the first tragic deaths in the series was that of Moira Queen, the mother of Oliver and Thea.

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Thompson revealed that he improvised the heartbreaking “Close your eyes, baby” line before filming. He thought about how Moira wouldn’t want her daughter to witness her murder and added the line during rehearsals. He is a perfect example of an actor who fully embodies his character.

2/10 Patton Oswalt’s proposal for Star Wars Episode VII

Parks and Recreation

Patton Oswalt on Parks and Recreation

Before Disney announced the force awakensPatton Oswalt appeared in an episode of Parks and Recreation and shared his vision of how a Star Wars The sequel must begin. The extended cut of the scene lasts almost nine minutes.

Oswalt’s character uses his Star Wars I dream like a filibuster. an overlay of parks and recreation fans and Star Wars Fans noted that Oswalt’s speech directly resembled a scene from Boba Fett’s book almost 10 years later.

1/10 “I Love You, Man” – Joseph Quinn

Strange things

Dustin, Mike and Eddie Munson in Stranger Things 4 Vol. 1.

Demonstrating his dedication to both Eddie Munson and Strange thingsJoseph Quinn gave fans another incredible impromptu line in the season 4 finale. In one of the saddest death scenes on Strange thingsDustin holds and grieves for Eddie as the older teen dies from his injuries.

Acknowledging the special friendship Eddie and Dustin had and how important Eddie was to Dustin, Quinn added the “I love you manline to the scene. This prompted Gaten Matarazzo to quietly respond with, “I love you too.” Fans were heartbroken during this scene.

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