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10 Best Dressed Characters In Game Of Thrones And Its Sequels

With any interval movie or tv present, the eye to element in units and costumes is extremely vital. Good costumes are as vital as an excellent plot as a result of they assist construct the world and immerse the viewers. It’s no shock that the characters’ types could be awe-inspiring in a high-budget franchise like Game of Thrones.

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Between Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon, a number of characters have made an impression with their unimaginable style sense. Fans can consider loads of well-dressed characters in Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon.

10/10 Cersei Lannister Represented Wealth And Elegance In Game Of Thrones

As a member of the House Lannister, the richest household in Westeros, Cersei had a few of the greatest appears in Game of Thrones. Between her attire, jewellery, and hairstyles, Cersei represented the wealth and magnificence of House Lannister with each look.

Cersei usually used her home colours, pink and gold, in her wardrobe. The palette complemented her complexion and hair shade, and the adornments confirmed off simply how highly effective and rich her household iwas. Her wardrobe was one of the costly and most trendy in Westeros.

9/10 Oberyn Martell Represented Dorne

The Head of House Martell served as Warden of the South, and House Martell was the one household in Westeros outdoors the royal household who retained their royal titles. As such, it is smart that Prince Oberyn Martell could be one of many best-dressed individuals in Westeros.

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The tradition in Dorne was totally different from the remainder of the kingdoms, as was the local weather. These variations have been all mirrored in Oberyn’s clothes. Through the lighter supplies and desert-color palette, Oberyn represented his kingdom and his individuals nicely.

8/10 Daenerys Targaryen’s Outfits Reflected Her Rise To Power

It’s solely becoming that the Mother of Dragons, Khalessi of the Great Grass Sea, and the Breaker of Chains had an impeccable wardrobe. Daenerys had probably the most versatile wardrobe of anybody in Game of Thrones. It modified along with her from her time with the Dothraki to being Queen of Meereen to conquering Westeros.

The first half of Game of Thrones noticed Daenerys embracing the fashions of different cultures. Once she arrived at Dragonstone in Season 7, she embraced Westerosi style. Her clothes turned extra appropriate for the Dragon Queen, as she wore dragon scales, her home colours of black and white, and different dragon-featuring equipment.

7/10 Jaime Lannister Exuded Wealth And Power

From his Lannister armor to his common garb, Jaime’s wardrobe exuded wealth and energy. Even as a sworn member of the Kingsguard, Jaime was nonetheless part of the wealthiest household in Westeros. Like Cersei, his clothes usually mirrored his home colours pink and gold, which complemented his coloring and complexion.

Even when Jaime was suited up in armor, both for the Kingsguard or the Lannister military, he nonetheless appeared impeccable. As a rating member of House Lannister with a connection to the royal household, being well-dressed and put collectively was possible anticipated of Jaime.

6/10 Ellaria Sand’s Outfits Reflected Her Mood

Bastards have been handled otherwise in Dorne, which is probably going why Ellaria Sand was a paramour to Prince Oberyn. As a results of this relationship, Ellaria wearing a fashion befitting of a consort, absolutely embracing the Dornish types. Her outfits have been tasteful, flowy, and brightly coloured.

After Oberyn’s dying, Ellaria’s garments modified from shiny yellow and orange to black as a result of she was in mourning. Her basic fashion modified as nicely. As her focus narrowed onto revenge, her outfits turned sharper and sleeker whereas nonetheless sustaining parts of Dorne’s fashion.

5/10 Tywin Lannister’s Outfits Mirrored His Personality

Tywin was head of House Lannister and was primarily centered on picture, energy, and legacy. In Game of Thrones, his outfits usually mirrored his severe, no-nonsense nature. As the richest man in Westeros, he ensured his wealth was apparent in his garments’ tailoring and supplies.

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Tywin’s fashion was nowhere close to as extravagant as Cersei’s, nor did he ever actually put on his home colours. Considering his severe nature and grim options, the best way he dressed matched his character completely.

4/10 Sansa Stark Displayed Her Character Growth In Her Wardrobe Choices

Like Daenerys, Sansa’s fashion modified relying on the place she was. Once she was freed from the Lannisters and Ramsey and was capable of be her personal particular person once more, her clothes turned virtually like armor. She dressed within the Northern fashion, furs usually adorned her neck, and wolf imagery was stitched within the material.

While Sansa’s wardrobe grew significantly harsher after returning to the North, it was an ideal reflection of her character’s journey and development all through Game of Thrones. Furthermore, it is harder to be fashionable within the winter, however Sansa Stark pulled it off effortlessly.

3/10 Alicent Hightower Made A Statement With Her Dress In House Of The Dragon

As the daughter of the Hand of the King, after which later Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, Alicent Hightower attire to replicate her standing. Her fashion actually elevated after changing into queen and her wardrobe caught out among the many different girls in House of the Dragon.

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Alicent’s fashion even marked the true begin of her and Rhaenyra’s rivalry. The inexperienced costume she wore to Rhaenyra’s marriage ceremony feast was a startling second for the feast’s attendees and A Song of Ice and Fire followers. The costume was beautiful and the colour referenced House Hightower’s sign of conflict, permitting Alicent to execute each style and performance.

2/10 Margaery Tyrell Could Have Influenced Westerosi Fashion

As a member of Westeros’ second-wealthiest household and queen to 2 totally different kings, Margaery Tyrell knew find out how to costume to impress. More than as soon as, Margaery altered her private fashion to govern individuals or occasions. In each state of affairs, nevertheless, her garments oozed luxurious and magnificence.

Similarly to Ellaria, Margaery’s attire have been extra revealing in comparison with the opposite girls of Westeros. Along with the ornate detailing on the clothes, Margaery’s wardrobe was an extension of her persona. Margaery would’ve possible had an affect over Westerosi style if she lived longer.

1/10 Rhaenyra Targaryen Always Dresses Appropriately

The princess and inheritor to the Seven Kingdoms has made an impression on House of the Dragon followers, primarily for her daring persona. Fans have additionally seen and praised her fashion. House of the Dragon has proven Rhaenyra in dragonriding gear, lined in blood, and dressed for her marriage ceremony feast. Through all of it, her fashion ranges from delicate to extravagant.

It could look like a scarcity of consistency, but it surely truly reveals Rhaenyra’s capacity to decorate appropriately for various events. For instance, her less complicated outfit throughout Aegon’s second title day allowed her marriage ceremony costume to face out extra.

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