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10 Best Cinematic Zombie Killers, Ranked

Fans said goodbye to the long-running AMC series. The Walking Dead in 2022. The seemingly never-ending fight against zombies introduced some fan-favorite characters, like Michonne, who excelled at killing the undead. Weather The Walking Dead is over, some of the best zombie slayers in the series will continue in spin-offs and television events.

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Of course, the characters The Walking Dead They aren’t the only cinematic zombie hunters to impress fans over the years. classic horrors like the bad deathand new hits like Train to Busan each featured their own zombie-killing stars. These assassins were able to take down the undead enemy in creative ways and survive seemingly insurmountable odds during the apocalypse.

10/10 ben

Night of the Living Dead (1968)

One of the first zombie killers in movie history appeared in George A. Romero’s 1968 classic, Night of the Living Dead. A man named Ben was passing through Pennsylvania during the outbreak of the zombie apocalypse that dominated Romero’s franchise.

Ben secured himself on a farm with a few other survivors and immediately took charge. He not only proved capable of commanding a room when necessary, but also showcased his zombie-slaying skills early in the genre. Ben survived all night while the zombies took everyone else, but he still met a frustrating and untimely death.

9/10 shaun riley

shaun of the dead (2004)

The main cast of Shaun of the Dead

The zombie genre has reached new heights in recent decades with a wide selection of well-received horror films. 2004 shaun of the dead capitalized on the popularity of zombies by exploring the genre in a new way to become one of the best horror comedies.

Shaun Riley and his best friend Ed were two normal guys who woke up to discover a world where the dead were beginning to rise. It took Shaun and Ed a bit of experimentation to find their zombie-slaying skills. Shaun took charge and gathered his family and friends for a pint at the local pub. He continued to lead the fight as one of the few survivors to make it out alive.

8/10 peter washington

Dawn of the Dead (1978)

Peter Washington holding a gun from Dawn of the Dead

George A. Romero continued his iconic Night of the Living Dead with 1978 Dawn of the Dead. The zombie infection continued to spread across the country as survivors banded together to fight the walking undead.

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Peter Washington was a SWAT officer in Philadelphia when the zombie outbreak began. He left the city with a fellow officer and two television station employees. They found refuge in a mall and lived happily for a while before the zombies invaded the mall. Peter faced both zombies and killer bikers, but survived to face a bleak future far from the mall.

7/10 Yoon Sang Hwa

Train to Busan (2016)

Yoon Sang-hwa in Train to Busan 2016

2016 Train to Busan was a harrowing zombie movie from South Korean director Yeon Sang-ho. It followed a group of people on the titular train in South Korea as a deadly zombie outbreak quickly spread across the country.

Yoon Sang-hwa was traveling on the train with his pregnant wife. He became a stubborn leader among the group of survivors. His incredible strength served the group well as they moved through various cars and tried to avoid the fast-moving zombies. Sang-hwa sacrificed his life to protect his wife and his unborn child, who in the end were some of the only survivors.

6/10 “Tallahassee”

zombie land (2009)

Tallahassee blowing his gun from Zombieland

A zombie apocalypse decimated the population in 2009 zombie land, which was another darkly comedic take on the horror genre. The group of survivors that was formed chose to maintain an emotional distance by using the names of their cities instead of their real names.

“Tallahassee” had a unique ability to take down zombies creatively, and he did it with passion. After losing his child to zombies, he developed a taste for killing the undead which helped him get over losing him. Tallahassee set up traps and was skilled in all types of firearms, making him the world’s most effective zombie killer. zombie land franchise.

5/10 Lionel Cosgrove

Brain death (1992)

Lionel Cosgrove covered in Braindead's blood

Before Peter Jackson directed one of the greatest movie trilogies of all time, he broke into the horror genre with his own bloody black comedy in 1992. Brain death, also released as Living Deadfollowed Lionel Cosgrove as he dealt with a growing zombie infection among the elderly population that started with his mother.

Lionel Cosgrove tried to contain the zombie outbreak inside his mother’s house. When it finally failed and everyone broke free, the usually timid Lionel sprang into action to save his new love. He cut his way through the undead with a lawn mower in one of the bloodiest scenes in the genre, earning his place among other zombie hunters.

4/10 Michonne

The Walking Dead (2010-2022)

Michonne holding her sword in The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead it featured quite a few impressive zombie slayers, but none impressed fans quite as much as Michonne. She first appeared in the television series Walking Alongside Two Chained Zombies. She had removed their arms and mouths to keep themselves safe from infection and to blend in with the crowd of zombies.

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Michonne was carrying a katana that she used to cut down entire hordes of zombies. She helped keep a group of survivors alive before becoming the leader and protector of a new city. Michonne proved time and time again that she was more than well equipped to take on any threat, zombie or otherwise.

3/10 dear cherry

planet of terror (2007)

Rose McGowan with her prosthetic leg gun from Planet Terror

planet of terror was Rodriguez’s contribution to his homage and director Quentin Tarantino’s contribution to a classic era of cinema with Grinding in 2007. planet of terror explored a zombie outbreak caused by an experimental gas created by the military.

Cherry Darling was an exotic dancer who quit her job one day too late to prevent the outbreak. She lost her leg early in the film in a car accident. She equipped herself with a powerful prosthetic made from a machine gun and a rocket launcher. Cherry Darling became the leader of the survivors due to her fighting skills, her determined attitude, and her powerful zombie-killing leg.

2/10 Ash

the bad death (1981)

Ash with a bloody chainsaw from Ash vs Evil dead

Ashley J. Williams was a supermarket clerk who headed to a cabin in the woods with her friends and girlfriend for a quiet weekend in the 1981s. the bad death. Instead, they read an ancient book of the dead and unleashed an evil force. She corrupted and possessed Ash’s friends and loved ones, who became Deadites.

While the Deadites weren’t traditional horror movie zombies, they still possessed corpses and threatened to take over the world. Ash lost his hand to possession, but replaced it with a chainsaw. His fight against the Evil Dead took place across time, and he led entire armies against zombies with nothing more than a chainsaw, shotgun, and attitude.

1/10 Alicia

resident demon Franchise (2002-2016)

Alice poses in the laser room with two guns in Resident Evil

Alice first appeared in 2002 resident demon adaptation before starring in every film in the long-running franchise. After fighting the initial outbreak in Raccoon City, Alice led the charge against some of the scariest horror movie zombies as they decimated the world.

Alice was a highly trained security agent who betrayed the Umbrella Corporation before the Raccoon City outbreak. Umbrella experimented on Alice and turned her into a powerful zombie killing machine. She eventually discovered her origins as a clone, though only after years of honing her skills against every kind of mutated zombie Umbrella could imagine.

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