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10 Best Archetypes In Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel, Ranked

Build a competitively viable deck in master duel it can get complicated. After all, there are over 300 different archetypes in Yu-Gi-Oh! To choose from. With all those options, it seems pointless trying to find a good starting point. Fortunately, some archetypes consistently stand out from the pack.

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While any archetype will have its uses over others, paying close attention to the master duel The metagame allows Duelists to recognize the weaknesses of most of the decks they will face. Taking that into consideration, the best archetypes to start on master duel focus on shutting down some of the most popular deck builds while offering plenty of ways to summon powerful effect monsters quickly. Because each archetype has unique strengths and weaknesses, players will need to consider their own playstyle and combine archetypes that work well with each other if they have any hope of reaching Diamond.

Floowandereeze is easily one of the most annoying deck builds to face master duel. There are too many weird quirks to how his monsters are summoned for many decks to put a stop to it, and once he fully sets up his board, the opponent is basically out of options.

Because Floowandereeze doesn’t need a special summon, unlike most decks in the metagame, players can pair it with a dimension shifter or barrier statue to shut it down. Not the most powerful archetype in the game, but against many decks in the Yu-Gi-Oh!-meta, Floowandereeze can be a real problem that players should always be on the lookout for.

9/10 Tri-Brigade is strong on its own, but even stronger with others.

Tr-Brigade Mercourier Art by Yu-Gi-Oh!

Tri-Brigade is one of the most prominent archetypes in Yu-Gi-Oh! master duel. Even if a player isn’t using a pure Tri-Brigade deck, they will often have a smaller set of Tri-Brigade cards, as it often fits nicely with other popular builds, like Branded and Zoodiac.

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The Tri-Brigade Mercourier card fits extremely well in many different decks, as it is an alternative to Ash Blossom. While Tri-Brigade is decent on its own, its true strength comes through when mixed consistently with other archetypes.

8/10 Endymion is the ultimate spell caster

Endymion card and Power of the Guardians card from Yu-Gi-Oh!

Pendulum Monsters prove to be extremely effective at master duel due to the fact that they are often sent to the additional deck instead of the graveyard. This allows the player to bypass common graveyard-stopping cards such as Called By The Grave, Dimension Shifter, or Law.

Endymion also works with spell counters, applying various effects that work very well with cards like Power of the Guardians. Finally, Endymion blends in perfectly with the Spellbook archetype, which can search the deck and target spellcasting monsters.

7/10 Sky Strikers attack from above

Sky Strikers art from the Yu-Gi-Oh!  card game.

Sky Strikers live up to their name, seeming to constantly appear out of nowhere and never stay on the ground for long. In this case, the ground would be the normal monster zone: most Sky Striker cards trigger effects with the warning that the player cannot have monsters in the monster zone.

The loophole is that the player can have monsters in their extra monster zone, and the archetype’s many spells are completely devastating to opponents. The only weakness Sky Strikers have is their heavy reliance on spells, but most decks in the master duel The metagames are built with monster effects more in mind, though.

Borreload Dragon in Yu-Gi-Oh!

While Blue Eyes White Dragon tends to get all the hype, Dragon Links is the real contender in Yu-Gi-Oh! master duel. In fact, Dragon Link is easily one of the most consistent and powerful decks in the meta. Borreload Savage Dragon is a pillar that is extremely powerful and provides a universal negation once per turn.

Combining Borreload with cards like Apollousa and Hieratic Seal can make it extremely difficult for the opponent to even play a card in opposition, let alone win. Because Dragon Link focuses so much on Link Summoning, the player can even combine this archetype seamlessly with the infamous Accesscode Talker.

5/10 Once the Numeron gate is opened, it cannot be closed

Numeron Combo in Yu-Gi-Oh!  Duel Master.

Numeron is the ultimate OTK deck with an absolutely foolproof strategy that is extremely hard to beat. Combining this main deck with lots of hand traps to negate and destroy opponents field setups can mean clearing the board to get the main Numeron XYZ monsters out of this deck for easy wins.

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Although 1,000 ATK doesn’t sound like much, Numeron monsters double the ATK of other Numeron cards each time they attack. Once the combo is complete, each player’s monsters will attack, effectively doubling each monster’s ATK until they have 8,000 ATK points each, equaling an instant win.

4/10 prankster kids are smart and cute

Prank Kids Meow Meow-Mu Card Art from Yu-Gi-Oh!

Prank Kids specializes in Fusion and Link Summons, making a combination with Accesscode Talker come naturally. Also, Prank Kids monsters have powerful effects that can destroy all monsters or destroy all spells and trap opponent controls, clearing the board for easy victory.

When combined with the Link monster Meow Meow-Mu, Prank Kids becomes even harder to stop. Because Prank Kids tends to Tribute itself to trigger its effects, Meow Meow-Mu can fade to prevent a card from being Tributed, effectively saving its effect to use again later.

3/10 Eldlich just won’t stay dead

A split image of various Eldlich cards from the Yu-Gi-Oh!

Eldlich is currently the king of zombies in the Yu-Gi-Oh! metagame. Eldlich the Gold Lord is an extremely powerful and versatile monster in his own right, but when combined with his trap-ridden archetype, he can quickly take control of a duel seemingly out of thin air.

Like many zombies, Eldlich can be summoned from the graveyard, and all of his traps and spells are also active in the grave. While this can be a great benefit, he can also easily shut down with a Called by the Grave, which is a staple in all decks in master duel.

2/10 Sword Soul can stop most decks before they start

Barrone De Fleur from Yu-Gi-Oh!

Sword Soul is one of the most consistent decks in the game. One of its main Synchro monsters, Baronne De Fleur, has become a staple of numerous deck builds, none of which are quite as consistent to pull off as the Sword Soul engine itself.

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Another important monster for this deck is Chaofeng, which will usually prevent the opponent from using the effects of Light monsters. When all is said and done, Sword Soul can negate and destroy multiple cards each turn, and combining it with the Tenyi Engine makes it even better.

1/10 Branded and Despia merge seamlessly

Despia Mark from the Yu-Gi-Oh!  Duel Master.

Brand Fusion Monsters have become a big part of the Yu-Gi-Oh! master duel goal. One of the strongest combinations, Branded Despia, will often be seen at the top tier of charts and rankings.

Branded Despia’s main combo starter, Fallen of Albaz, has become one of the most popular cards in the game and can fit into almost any deck that uses Fusion Summons. Additionally, Branded can be used to summon powerful monsters such as Mirrorjade, which can banish a monster card every two turns, and Despian Quaeritis, which reduces the ATK of all monsters to zero.

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