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10 Anime Villains Who Snatched Victory From The Jaws Of Defeat

There’s nothing more classic in anime than a nice come-from-behind heroic victory. The battles in which the brave hero is on his last legs facing impossible odds but somehow manages to pull out victory through sheer determination are especially exciting. However, sometimes villains can pull off miracles of their own.

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Whether through trickery or hidden power, a good villain finds a way to win, no matter the cost or method. The best villains take advantage of a hero’s naive nature to score a comeback victory. These villains were on the verge of defeat, but still managed to emerge victorious.

10/10 Flare gets outside help

Fairy tale

Fairy taleGrand Magic Games introduced Raven Tail, a guild created by Laxus’ father Ivan, designed specifically to defeat Fairy Tail. Lucy was one of the first Fairy Tail members to go toe to toe with her Dark Guild counterparts, facing off against Flare, powered by her hair.

Despite Flare cheating for almost the entire match, Lucy is able to power up her last attack, the Urano Metria, a move Flare has no defense for. But thanks to her guildmate Obra draining Lucy’s power off the bench, the attack is called off and Flare is victorious.

9/10 Tomura Shigaraki wakes up

my hero academia

Tomura Shigaraki decays X-Less in My Hero Academia

At first, the Pro Heroes’ raid on the Paranormal Liberation Front seems to be going according to plan. Dr. Garaki is captured, the Nomu are in the process of being immobilized and my hero academiaThe main villain, Tomura Shigaraki, is unconscious and surrounded by professional heroes, but a single bolt of electricity wakes him up and turns the entire war upside down.

In an instant, Shigaraki launches a brutal attack, killing several Pro Heroes and causing miles of devastation. As a result, he escapes certain capture and gives the Paranormal Liberation Front a fighting chance. While anime fans are still waiting for the outcome of the war, this moment represents a massive turning point in the conflict.

8/10 Azula chooses the right moment to attack.

Avatar the last airbender

Avatar TLA Azula uses lightning

In the Battle of the Crystal Catacombs below Ba Sing Se, Avatar Aang finally gained full control over the Avatar State. At this point in Avatar the last airbender, the dominated Avatar State had been treated as a guaranteed victory. After all, the Avatar State destroyed the Fire Nation fleet at the North Pole and demolished an Earth Kingdom division.

Surely, a fully mastered Avatar State would mean instant destruction for Azula and her Dai Lee forces. However, Azula consistently demonstrates that she can choose the perfect moment to strike, striking Aang down with lightning before he has a chance to unleash the full power of the Avatar State.

7/10 Obito becomes the Jinchuriki of the Ten Tails

naruto shippuden

After his battle with his former friend/rival Kakashi, Obito Uchiha found himself near death in naruto shippuden. Taking a Chidori to the heart is normally a fatal condition, but Obito is far from a normal ninja. Upon exiting his pocket dimension, he is able to seal the Ten-Tails into himself and heal his wounds in the process.

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In addition to giving him the power that the entire war was basically being fought for, Obito was able to trick his “ally” Madara, who was looking to become the Ten Tails Jinchuriki himself. Obito took a key step towards achieving his goal, the Infinite Tsukuyomi, becoming the most powerful person in the world in the process.

6/10 Buu absorbs Gotenks

Dragon Ball Z

Fusion Buu doing Vegeta's pose in Dragon Ball Z

For most of the Majin Buu saga in Dragon Ball Z, Buu in his various guises is presented as an invincible force of nature. For the first time in the long arc, the Z-Fighters finally get the upper hand on the bubblegum-like monster as Gohan unlocks his true power.

Gohan has Super Buu completely outclassed, and it looks like Buu will finally be defeated. Knowing that he isn’t strong enough to take on Gohan head on, Buu retreats before returning and absorbing Gotenks and Piccolo to power him up. Gohan is no match for the new and improved Buu, forcing Goku to step in and ultimately save the day.

5/10 Eren connects with Zeke a millisecond before death

attack on titan

Eren with Zeke chained in Attack on Titan

Eren Yeager goes from being the determined hero of attack on titan literally their biggest villain, with plans to wipe out all non-Eldians. Marley’s forces, a nation that is just as genocidal as Eren, attack in a battle that results in Eren being decapitated with a sniper rifle.

However, just before Eren’s brain shut down, Zeke made contact with Eren’s head. This connection between the Founder Titan and a Titan Shifter with royal blood gave Eren full control over the Founder’s power. This not only saved his life, but allowed him to unleash the Rumor and begin his assault on the rest of the world.

4/10 A Saibamen falls swinging

Dragon Ball Z

Yamcha struggles to escape Saibamen's embrace in Dragon Ball

while this Dragon Ball Z the battle is technically a draw, it feels like a win for the bad guys. The Saibamen in question appears to have been defeated at first by Yamcha’s Kamehehma, believed to be dead on the ground. Playing dead is often a good tactic for a villain facing a more powerful opponent.

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However, the plant man soon jumps on his unsuspecting opponent, detonating himself and killing them both in the process. Yamcha actually came close to a rare victory before receiving the most humiliating defeat ever to him.

3/10 Kaiba manipulates Yugi into letting him win.


Kaiba threatens to jump off a building in Duelist Kingdom

Seto Kaiba is a pretty big jerk in Yu-Gi-Oh!, but when it comes to dueling, he usually tries to play a fair game. When the fate of his brother Mokuba hangs in the balance, all bets are off and he’s willing to resort to any tactic to save him. In order to get Mokuba’s captor Pegasus, Kaiba must first defeat his greatest rival: Yugi.

Once again, Yugi pulls the upper hand on Kaiba, nearly destroying his Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon. However, before Yugi can launch the final attack, Kaiba stands on a ledge. The force of Yugi’s final attack would surely send Kaiba plummeting to his death, leading Yugi to allow Kaiba victory.

2/10 Akaza barely escapes the sunrise

Murderer of demons

Akaza bares his teeth while fighting Kyojuro in Demon Slayer.

Akaza and Rengoku have one of the best fights in Murderer of demons. It is a back and forth battle with the demon Akaza which he seems to win when he puts a hole through Rengoku’s chest. However, the heroic demon hunter seizes the opportunity to trap Akaza. He drives his sword through Akaza’s neck and holds him in his place waiting for the sun to rise.

As the sun is fatal to demons, it seems Rengoku has scored a costly victory, but Akaza takes the bloody step of ripping his arms open to escape. He wins the battle by running away and leaving Rengoku to bleed to death, though not the most worthy triumph.

1/10 Licht distracts Julius

black clover

Patolli defeats the Wizard King with a sword through his body in Black Clover

One of the biggest weaknesses a hero has is his drive to protect the innocent. This is something that can be easily harnessed to land a critical hit. Licht (or Patolli) uses this tactic perfectly to defeat the Wizard King Julius Novachrono in black clover.

The battle between a light user and a timing master is obviously a display of incredible speeds, but Julius has clearly outperformed Licht every time. Licht decides to attack every single person in the entire Clover Kingdom, forcing Julius to use all of his magic to save the people. With this distraction, Licht deals the final blow to an enemy he really didn’t have to defeat.

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