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10 Anime Villains Who Never Follow Orders

The anime has villains of all kinds, from masterminds to minions. No matter what type they are, everyone follows their own code of conduct, while some like to abide by the rules or orders they are given, others prefer to follow theirs. Whether they have another goal in mind or are having too much fun right now, some villains are incapable of following orders.

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Sometimes their inability to listen can lead to their downfall, while other times the villain may be too powerful for them to command. Whatever the case, these villains prove that there may be no honor among thieves.

10/10 Vander Decken IX was too selfish to follow whatever plan Hordy had.

One piece

One piece he has had many types of villains throughout his career, from those committed to a unified cause to those more greedy and self-centered. Vander Decken IX from the Fishman Island Arc would be the last. At first, Vander Decken was obsessed with Princess Shirahoshi and would stop at nothing to try and marry her, leading him to side with Hordy Jones.

Of course, Vander Decken had no loyalty to Hordy or his goals and as soon as Shirahoshi rejected him, he had no problem betraying Hordy and trying to destroy Fishman Island. In the end, Vander Decken was too selfish to go along with Hordy’s plans.

9/10 Muscular went off script during training camp attack

my hero academia

muscular smile from my hero academia

my hero academia‘s League of Villains got a membership boom after the incident with the Hero Killer, Stain. While there were many villains who joined due to Stain’s ideology, Muscular joined just to cause violence. His need to cause destruction seems to override his ability to take orders as well, as he went off script pretty quickly during the League’s attack on the AU training camp.

While the others tried to kidnap Bakugo and other students, Muscular got distracted by starting a fight with Kota and Deku, which he lost. In the end, his inability to focus on the task caused the League to arrest and abandon him.

8/10 Team Rocket mostly just messes up whatever order they’re given


Team Rocket taking off again in Pokémon.

While some villains defy orders due to their ego or conflicting desires, others simply miss their orders at every turn. PokemonThe Team Rocket trio is one such case, messing up almost every task Giovanni has given them out of sheer incompetence.

No matter how easy the instructions or how many resources they are given, Jessie, James, and Meowth always find a way to fail. They may be a tenacious bunch, but it says something when Giovanni has given them specific missions to get rid of them. Of course, they end up failing at that too.

7/10 Sister Krone was working to steal Isabella’s position.

The promised neverland

Krone comes home

Despite the presence of child-eating demons, some of the most disturbing villains in The promised neverland to have been human As Emma, ​​Norman, and Ray began to formulate their escape plans, Isabella introduced a new assistant to Grace Field’s household, Sister Krone, though she had plans of her own.

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While Krone followed Isabella’s instructions to a degree, he also schemed behind her back to try and usurp her position for himself. Despite her best efforts, Isabella was one step ahead of her and was executed by the grandmother and the demons. In the end, Krone’s ambitions led to her demise.

6/10 Hol Horse would rather run than take chances

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Hol Horse and his Emperor in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders.

If there is something to be said about DIO from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, is that he knew how to get loyal subordinates. That being said, one of his stand users, Hol Horse, was only loyal to himself. Greed was the real factor that motivated him to join DIO in the first place, so Hol Horse’s trust in him was always in question.

While Hol Horse lasted much longer than most of DIO’s other minions during Part 3, he failed and ran away multiple times, as self-preservation was a priority to him over following orders. He even tried to kill DIO and take everything he had, but ended up begging the vampire for his life.

5/10 Phryne Jamil does what she wants, even if it’s against Ishtar’s wishes.

Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon?

Phryne Jamil from Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?

The gods and goddesses of Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon? they have all sorts of followers willing to do anything for them, but Phryne Jamil, the captain of the Ishtar Familia, would do anything but. Arrogant, hedonistic, and narcissistic, Phryne has an infamous reputation even among the other members of the Ishtar Family due to her habit of kidnapping and torturing men.

Despite her position, Phyrne has no sympathy for Ishtar and thinks she is better than the goddess she serves. Phryne always puts her wishes first and will disobey Ishtar’s direct orders if they get in the way of doing what she wants.

4/10 Kimblee only has his thirst for violence on his mind

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Kimblee looking at a Philosopher's Stone in Fullmetal Alchemist.

Fullmetal Alchemist: BrotherhoodSolf J. Kimblee, also known as the Crimson Lotus Alchemist, was a state alchemist who was originally imprisoned for his ruthless slaughter of people during the Ishvalan Civil War. His assassinations included soldiers from the opposite side, innocents, and even his fellow officers. Kimblee is obviously the type to defy orders if it means quenching that thirst for violence.

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Released from prison much later by King Bradley and tasked with capturing Scar and Dr. Marcoh, “fun” is the only reason Kimblee agreed. Despite his chivalrous demeanor at times, he does not respect authority and will only do whatever he wishes, mainly creating explosions.

3/10 Q was too dangerous for the port mob to control

Bungo Stray Dogs

Q in Bungou Stray Dogs.

The port mafia Bungo Stray Dogs it has many dangerous members with their own unique powers, but one of the most threatening is the most innocent looking. Q may seem like a normal boy, but inside he hides a dark side that he enjoys seeing the suffering of others. With his mind control ability, Dogra Magra, it’s very easy for them to do it too.

Due to his personality and the power of his ability, the Port Mafia couldn’t control Q and had to lock them up. The mob doesn’t give Q many orders. Instead, they cast Q and then watch as they go berserk.

2/10 Buu was less of a controllable entity and more of a force of nature.

Dragon Ball Z

Kid Buu enjoys the carnage in Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z‘s Majin Buu was one of the most threatening and terrifying enemies of the Z-Fighters. Buu was so incredibly strong and resistant to almost all forms of damage that he was virtually invincible. Despite being awakened by Bibidi and later freed by his son Babidi, Buu proved to be a less controllable entity and closer to a force of nature.

No matter what form he came in, Buu was more bent on destruction than listening to any of the alien wizards, and his more innocent form ended up killing Babidi for bossing him around. It’s more accurate to say that Buu was an attack dog that was let off the leash.

1/10 Sukuna is the king of curses and kings don’t bow

jujutsu kaisen

Ryomen Sukuna's true form

jujutsu kaisen‘s Ryomen Sukuna is the most feared and powerful cursed spirit that has ever existed, so much so that it cannot be destroyed by ordinary means, be it traditional methods or wizardry. With an evil streak as big as his ego, Sukuna knows that he is the King of Curses, and as such, the only will that follows is his own.

Even while possessing Yuji Itadori’s body, Sukuna cares little for his host and won’t listen to him no matter the situation. Sukuna only goes out on his own terms and has no problem killing Yuji and bringing him back on a whim. Sukuna doesn’t take orders; he’s the one in charge.

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