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10 Anime Villains Who Have Lines They Won’t Cross

Anime villains aren’t known for having moral compasses. They will murder, steal and lie to achieve their goals. However, just like normal people, the villains are not completely black or white. A villain may be willing to do many terrible things, but that doesn’t mean every terrible act is fair game.

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Loyalty and honor can be just as important to villains as they are to heroes. There are even villains who hate violence. The fact that so many villains have positive personality traits is probably why so many heroes try to save villains instead of killing them.

This article contains mentions of sexual assault and suicide.

10/10 Ulquiorra treats Orihime with respect.


Ulquiorra is the most beloved member of the Espada de Bleach because he has such a dynamic personality. He is completely loyal to Aizen and isn’t afraid to threaten Orihime’s friends, but committing crimes against her is going too far for her.

When Nnoitra confronts Ulquiorra and asks if he plans to punish Orihime, which many viewers take as a hint of sexual assault, Ulquiorra is repulsed by the idea, even calling the suggestion vulgar. Orihime may be Aizen’s prisoner, but Ulquiorra is a complete gentleman when it comes to taking care of her, which is what makes their relationship so interesting.

9/10 Gentle Criminal is not just his name

my hero academia

Gentle Criminal and La Brava being captured in My Hero Academia.

kind criminal of my hero academia is what fans would call a vanilla villain. He commits crimes, but most of his actions are to protect the welfare of the common person.

Gentle Criminal wants to be loved and remembered by society, but he doesn’t want to hurt people to achieve his goals. During his fight with Midoriya, it’s clear that Gentle Criminal doesn’t really want to hurt him. He tries to knock out Midoriya, but killing doesn’t come easy to him. When he inevitably gets caught, he even takes the blame for the attempted break-in so that his partner, La Brava, doesn’t get in trouble.

8/10 Urd was too bad for Marller

Oh! my Goddess

Marller from Ah!  my Goddess

hammer of Oh! my Goddess he’s the kind of villain who barks and doesn’t bite. She wants to be seen as a scary demon, but when she aligns herself with someone who is truly evil, it’s a lot harder for her to commit crimes than she would have thought.

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When Urd’s demon side takes control, she recruits Marller to help Urd destroy Belldandy. The idea of ​​having Urd on her side seems perfect at first until Urd reveals her intention to take over the entire world. Urd’s lack of restraint and lust for violence prove too much for Marller, who is playing evil. Marller completely abandons Urd’s plan, which helps Belldandy return Urd to her former self.

7/10 Scar respected Winry’s right to revenge.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Scar in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

Scar is a mass murderer, but most fans can understand his actions in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Alchemists from Amestris invaded Scar’s country of Ishval, killing most of the people who lived there. Even Scar’s brother died protecting Scar from an alchemist’s attack.

Scar shows no mercy to alchemists, even to a child alchemist like Ed, but killing an innocent person who doesn’t deserve death is a line he won’t cross, especially if Scar wrongs that person. Scar killed Winry’s parents in a fit of blind rage, and because of that, he falls into Winry’s debt. When Winry tries to kill Scar, he doesn’t try to hurt her back. In Scar’s mind, Winry has every right to get back at her parents, so Scar can’t hurt her.

6/10 Daki and Gyutaro have a bond that will not be broken.

Murderer of demons

Demon Slayer's Top Rank 6 Daki and Gyutaro.

Daki and Gyutaro’s Murderer of demons they may be demons who love to kill people, but they are also some of the most loyal characters in the series. Daki adores Muzan, but even her loyalty to him pales in comparison to her loyalty to her brother.

Gyutaro is just as loyal. He protects the sister from him and even comforts Daki when she cries. Even when they fight, it’s clear that the most important thing in their lives is their sibling bond. They may be heartless demons, but even demons know how important family is.

5/10 Eren will commit genocide, but he won’t harm his friends

attack on titan

Eren runs towards Zeke in Attack on Titan the Final Season.

Eren may not have started out as a villain in attack on titan, but it’s hard to call him a hero when he’s committing genocide. Eren once believed that killing all the Titans would solve all of his problems, but he finally realized that people were the problem.

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Eren is ready to eliminate anyone who gets in his way, but there are a small group of people he refuses to harm. His closest friends, Mikasa and Armin, as well as the members of the Scout regiment, are like family to Eren. Eren betrays his own brother and goes on a rampage to destroy the entire world, but at the end of season 4, Eren reveals that every action he committed was to protect his friends.

4/10 The Demon King treats his hostage like a princess

Sleepy princess in the demon castle

Surprised demons of Sleepy Princess in Demon Castle.

The Demon King could have taken Princess Syalis from Sleepy princess in the demon castle hostage, but it’s hard to tell who the real hostage is when the princess rules the castle. A truly evil demon could easily put an end to the princess’s antics, but the Demon King simply refuses to harm the princess.

Most of the time, the Demon King does his best to make Princess Syalis’ stay more comfortable. The Demon King is seen as the most evil being in his world, but when it comes to doing something evil, he just can’t do it.

3/10 Yahiko would rather die than let someone else suffer.

naruto shippuden

Yahiko in the rain in Naruto.

Before Yahiko’s naruto shippuden dies, Akatsuki is a very different organization. They believe in protecting the innocent and stopping senseless violence.

Yahiko is able to turn people to his side because he refuses to fight them. Even when Yahiko is betrayed, he refuses to let others get hurt. In order to protect Nagato and Konan, Yahiko takes his own life. Yahiko’s convictions are so strong that he is willing to sacrifice himself to protect his friends and his idea of ​​peace.

2/10 Aokiji doesn’t always side with the Navy

One piece

Aokiji and Nico Robin in One Piece.

In most cases, the person on the side of the law is a hero, but that is not the case in One piece. While the Straw Hat Pirates protect the people, the navy admirals are the ones who ruin everyone’s lives.

This is especially true during Buster Call on Robin’s home island, but not all members of the marines agree with the attack. Aokiji fulfills his duty by capturing Jaguar, but loses faith in the navy’s cause when a civilian ship is bombed. Aokiji’s horror at the navy’s actions is probably why he lets Robin get away.

1/10 Catarina is a good person in the body of a villain

My Next Life as a Villain: All Roads Lead to Doom!

Catarina looks like a villain in My Next Life as a Villain: All Roads Lead to Doom!

Catarina can be reborn as a villain in My next life as a villain, but committing evil acts goes against who she is as a person. Catarina is so against doing anything evil that she strives to be a good person, which makes everyone around her fall in love with her.

Catarina even takes up hobbies like farming in an attempt to be kinder. Being a good person in a villain’s body is hard enough, but Catarina proves that even the most villainous of people can maintain their morale with hard work and a little ingenuity.

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