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10 Anime Plot Holes Everyone Just Ignores

It’s an almost impossible feat to write a story that is truly free of plot holes, and anime is no exception. Many of the most popular and beloved series contain plot holes that, if detected, could tear the series apart. However, most fans choose to skip them in order to preserve their enjoyment of the series.

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Many anime series are also based on manga, which often take years to come out. As time passes, this often results in plot inconsistencies as the author changes their mind or reconfigures certain elements to allow the story to grow. Usually, fans are forced to ignore these plot holes and move on to fully embrace and appreciate the story.

10/10 DIO hiding in the coffin

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is known for its many minor inconsistencies stemming from the author, Hirohiko Araki, either changing his mind or forgetting small details. For the most part, this just adds to the charm and uniqueness of the series. However, there’s a bigger plot hole that doesn’t really have a satisfactory explanation, and that’s how DIO got into the coffin at the end of Part 1.

While the coffin is explained to have a secret compartment, it still doesn’t make sense how he managed to sneak in without Erina noticing. However, for the sake of bringing back such an iconic villain, fans can and have forgiven this plot hole.

9/10 The power of friendship keeps saving the day

Fairy tale

Natsu Dragneel from Fairy Tail and his guildmates

While shonen series in general are famous for their occasional extremely cheesy moments, no other series does it like this. Fairy tale. The series centers on the eccentric and powerful Fairy Tail wizard guild, following the wild and wacky adventures of its members Lucy, Natsu, Gray, and Erza.

Fairy tale It’s not known for being extremely well written, but it has become known for using “The Power of Friendship” as a relentless plot device that can pull its characters out of any situation. Fans of the series have stopped questioning if this really makes sense and just sit back, relax and enjoy. Fairy tale for what it is: highly entertaining shonen anime fare.

8/10 Katara chooses not to heal Jet.

Avatar the last airbender

Jet and Katara Avatar the Last Airbender

At the end of Book One, Katara is given Spirit Water with special healing abilities from the Spirit Oasis. She is shown debating whether to use this to heal Zuko’s scar and ultimately uses it to save Aang’s life. However, there was one more chance that Katara could and perhaps she should have used: to save Jet’s life.

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Jet’s vague, off-screen death is something that Avatar is teased later in the series, but could have been prevented with a little help from Katara. The show doesn’t really give an explanation as to why, but since Spirit Water was needed to literally save Aang later in the series, fans aren’t really complaining.

7/10 Taki and Mitsuha don’t realize they traveled back in timeYour name

A frame of your name

Your name It begins as an above-average body-swapping rom-com, with Taki and Mitsuha waking up in each other’s bodies at random intervals. In a major plot twist, it is eventually revealed that Mitsuha and her entire village were wiped out by a meteor three years prior to Taki’s timeline.

It seems strange that neither Taki nor Mitsuha notice the discrepancies in the schedule. While the movie establishes that their memories of the body swap are extremely hazy, since they can’t remember each other’s names, perhaps it would have worked better if the director had worked on more clues about the twist. Either way, it doesn’t stop the movie from being unbelievably heartfelt and has already become a modern classic.

6/10 The magic system doesn’t make sense

Howl’s Moving Castle

Sophie Hatter from Howl's Moving Castle holding Calcifer in her hands.

Studio Ghibli movies are known for their spectacular visual effects and whimsical nature, almost like dreams rather than movies. However, one movie in particular takes this a bit too far. howl’s moving castle, Based on a popular novel by Diana Wynne Jones, it doesn’t spend enough time developing the plot, as well as the magical systems of the story.

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The movie’s plot might seem a bit far-fetched and even absurd, especially to new fans of Studio Ghibli’s work. Sophie’s curse, in particular, isn’t well explained, leaving fans to fill in the blanks. Even so, Howl’s Moving Castle it’s visually stunning and the perfect cozy fantasy romance for a rainy day.

5/10 Haki’s messy introduction

One piece

One Piece: What Devil Fruit Powers Can Haki Beat?

One piece is a wild adventure centering on Monkey D. Luffy, as he battles villains possessing various Devil Fruit abilities on his quest to become Pirate King. He runs into the most problems with Logia fruit users, which allow the user to change the composition of his body into a natural element, such as fire or electricity.

As the series progresses, it becomes clear that Logia’s abilities will continue to pose a disproportionately large threat, and thus came the introduction of Haki, a new system of power based on the channeling of willpower, which allows users to combat the Devil Fruits. Haki, unfortunately, wasn’t formally introduced until about halfway through the series, opening a doorway for plot holes. Ultimately though, Haki was needed to further develop the One piece world, and fans have come to accept it with grace.

4/10 The true nature of Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny


Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny from the Pokémon anime.

An apparent peculiarity of the Pokemon In the world, all Nurse Joys and Officer Jennys are identical and share the same name. While the simple non-diegetic explanation is that it’s easier to reuse character design, there’s no real in-universe explanation.

While the series has revealed that Joy is actually a last name, fans love to theorize if the nurses and officers are actually Pokémon, clones, or something else entirely. Either way, this is a plot hole that actually adds to the charm of the series rather than takes away from it.

3/10 Time travel is never explained


A frame of Orange.

Orange is a unique shojo series that plays with time travel in a refreshing and thoughtful way. It all begins when Naho Takamiya receives a mysterious letter detailing exactly how her day will go, directed by herself ten years in the future. Naho’s future self is on a mission: to stop her former friend and almost-lover, Kakeru Naruse, from taking her life.

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While this premise is extremely compelling, Orange he never really takes the time to delve into the implications of time travel itself, leaving components like why the time travel paradox doesn’t exist a mystery. At the end of the day, fans accept that deep down, Orange it’s a shojo and is mostly about its characters and their relationships, rather than a sci-fi focused on getting the time travel mechanics right.

2/10 Naraku was able to trick both Kikyo and Inuyasha.


Inuyasha and Kikyo on a boat

the events of inuyasha are set in motion when the new half-demon Naraku plans to steal the Shikon Jewel. He first disguised himself as Inuyasha and mortally wounds Kikyo, before disguising himself as Kikyo and attacking Inuyasha. All of this results in Kikyo using the last of his strength to seal Inuyasha in a tree for 50 years, with both ex-lovers believing that the other has betrayed them.

What doesn’t quite fit is that both Inuyasha and Kikyo are said to have strong abilities to smell or sense demons, respectively. Both of them should have been able to discern a powerful demon like Naraku, or at least sense that something was wrong in the encounter. While this does create a small plot hole, without it, the story couldn’t happen. Therefore, the fans accept it for what it is.

1/10 Hiruzen neglects Naruto for no good reason.


naruto alone

Hiruzen promised Naruto’s dying parents that he would take care of their newborn son. Aware of Naruto’s secret heritage, Hiruzen really should have put more effort into raising the young ninja. While fans have accepted that Hiruzen just isn’t a great person, this answer isn’t entirely satisfying as to why he let Naruto grow up alone and ostracized.

naruto It’s generally no stranger to plot holes, but that doesn’t stop the series from being beloved by fans. The plot, characters, and art are still very compelling and make some minor inconsistencies easy to miss.

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