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10 Anime Heroes Who Snatched Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory

Heroes have many admirable qualities. They are brave, strong, and protect the innocent, but despite being some of the most popular characters in all of anime, many of them are also complete mistakes. Sometimes they are so wrong that they waste a victory and allow their enemies to gain the upper hand.

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Some heroes are naive, arrogant, or just plain stupid. They try to save the day, but they may let these features get in the way of success. These heroes, for all their virtues, stumbled over their faults and snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

10/10 Vegeta lets Cell power up

Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Fans have been clamoring for years for Vegeta to get that long-awaited victory over a major villain. He might have gotten it a couple of times if his arrogance and his drive for a good fight didn’t get in the way. Vegeta has completely surpassed Cell, but allows the bio-android to absorb Android 18 and achieve the perfect form of him.

Vegeta is so confident in his own abilities that he puts Earth in danger just to have a good fight. Instead, he takes a one-sided beating. Unfortunately, Vegeta isn’t the only Saiyan with this problem. Even with Dragon Balls, it’s a miracle that Earth has survived this long.

9/10 Ash blows an insurmountable lead in the Unova League


pokemon ash vs cameron

Until relatively recently in his early twenties Pokemon career, ten-year-old Ash Ketchum has been a perennial loser. Perhaps Ash’s worst loss came in the Unova League quarterfinal against his friend Cameron.

Cameron is one of the few trainers less intelligent than Ash and only brings five Pokémon to a six-on-six battle. However, despite this advantage and having three Pokemon remaining compared to Cameron’s last choice Riolu, Ash takes the lead with his last three Pokemon being quickly defeated.

8/10 Yugi lets Joey win


Strapped to an anchor in a duel against his mind controlled friend where the loser is dragged to the bottom of the ocean, Yugi understandably doesn’t go all out. He cares about Joey in Yu-Gi-Oh! and spends most of the duel trying to free it from Marik’s control.

Despite going easy on Joey, Yugi still manages to get the upper hand; he is the King of the Games, after all. Given the chance to blow up Joey and win the duel, Yugi instead turns the final Trap Card on himself, resulting in Joey’s defeat and possible drowning. Fortunately, Joey, now released, jumps in after him, saving his life.

7/10 Eren doesn’t pay attention to his surroundings.

attack on titan

Reiner and Eren fight in Attack on Titan

When Reiner and Bertholdt reveal themselves as the colossal, armored titans in attack on titan, Eren finally gets a chance to take revenge on the people who destroyed his home. He goes toe to toe in a brutal mixed martial arts match with Reiner.

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Thanks to his training with Annie, Eren is able to get the upper hand, pinning Reiner. But his steely focus on Reiner distracts him from the simultaneous battle between the scouts and Bertholdt above them. Inadvertently, Eren has been forced directly under the battle, allowing Bertholdt to fall and knock him out. Eren finally gets his revenge on him in a rematch with Reiner.

6/10 Korra loses control over the Avatar State

the legend of korran

Korra vs. Kuvira in The Legend of Korra.

Korra is not at her best when she first fights Kuvira in the legend of korran. While the removal of the metallic poison removes the physical trauma she received from her fight with Zaheer, the psychological trauma from him remains.

After taking a minor beating, Korra finally uses the Avatar State to gain the upper hand on the conquering tyrant. However, just as he is about to finish off Kuvira, his psychological trauma resurfaced. She snaps out of the Avatar State in shock, losing the duel in the process.

5/10 Boruto is disqualified


Cheating on Boruto Chunin Exams

Boruto makes it to the finals of the Chunin Exams, where he and Sarada face off against Gaara’s adopted son, Shinki. Shinki is an incredibly powerful opponent, and Boruto can barely defeat him using Kakashi’s signature purple lightning bolt.

The problem is that Boruto was cheating the whole time using an illegal scientific ninja tool. Considering that he is surrounded by the most powerful ninja in the world, he is caught and disqualified. This cancels his victory and sees him temporarily stripped of his rank as a ninja. It is one of the worst moments of Boruto.

4/10 Goku shuts down too soon

dragon ball super

Resurrection F Arc

Much like his rival Vegeta, Goku tends to waste an easy win or let the bad guy get away. Perhaps his most egregious mistake occurred during Frieza’s resurrection in dragon ball super, where he had the advantage over the Galactic Tyrant. Frieza had not yet fully mastered his Gold Form, leaving him unable to keep up with Super Saiyan Blue.

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Goku could have easily finished off Frieza, but instead he shut down, offering Frieza a chance to escape, return, and fight again. Doing so left Goku vulnerable to a laser shot from Frieza’s henchman Sorbet, rendering him completely incapacitated.

3/10 Ace is goaded to his death

One piece

Ace being punched in the chest by Akainu in front of Luffy

One pieceThe Battle of Marineford is fought between the Navy and the Whitebeard Pirates over the execution of Portgas D. Ace. The battle has countless casualties on both sides, but the Whitebeard Pirates show up to achieve their goal and rescue Ace.

As they flee from the battle, Admiral Akainu taunts Ace into facing him, and Ace is quickly outmatched by superior fire (or lava) power. More importantly, this draws Luffy into the line of fire, allowing Akainu to launch a fatal attack towards Ace’s younger brother. Ace jumps in front of the attack, dying in the process, making the War a complete failure for the pirates.

2/10 Mirio loses his quirk protecting Eri

my hero academia

Hurt Lemillion protects Eri in My Hero Academia.

Mirio is able to make the most of his Permeation Quirk, displaying a level of skill that places him among the best Pro Heroes despite being only a student. Mirio puts that ability on full display against Overhaul, the leader of the Shie Hassaikai.

Mirio can quickly gain the upper hand, as Overhaul can’t even touch it. However, Mirio’s heroic nature prompts him to protect Eri from a Quirk-erasing bullet, costing her his powers. It’s an act that shows he’s a true hero, but it also costs him a fight he was probably going to win.

1/10 Vegeta lets Frieza blow up the planet

dragon ball super

Vegeta prepares to eliminate Frieza in Resurrection F

Vegeta messes up so often that it’s no wonder he’s managed to let his excessive pride cause him to miss out on an easy victory. This particular bug is made worse when it occurs just a couple of minutes after Goku failed to kill Frieza when he had the chance.

Vegeta takes too long to destroy his longtime tormentor, wasting time throwing in some final taunts. This gives Frieza the opportunity to blow up the planet, killing Vegeta in the process. Fortunately, the two Saiyans were rescued by a deus ex machina thanks to the angel Whis reversing time to undo the damage.

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