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10 Anime Characters Who Would Make Perfect One Piece Celestial Dragons

The Heavenly Dragons were the descendants of the founding members of the World Government. Although the most influential characters in One piecethey were notoriously corrupt, overbearing, and sadistic with those they considered inferior to them.

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Many unique characters from other anime series have displayed the qualities dragons are most commonly associated with. His sense of entitlement and undeserved god complex has been hard to ignore and they represent a substantial part of his personality. Such a character would be perfect among the ranks of Mary Geoise, either because of their personalities or her royal background in nobility and statecraft.

10/10 Doflamingo killed to regain his heavenly dragon status

One piece

Doflamingo was born as a Heavenly Dragon and enjoyed the privileges that came with it. When his father, Donquixote Rosinante, took his family to live among the commoners, he quickly resented it. Over time, his hatred became so severe that he murdered Rosinante in cold blood.

Given Doflamingo’s willingness to use others as his personal puppets, he is a Heavenly Dragon by both blood and actions. Ironically, he vowed to destroy the organization as they refused to accept him back into their ranks.

9/10 The Honest Minister Was Cheerfully Corrupt

Akame Ga Kill!

Akame Ga Kill!  honest evil smile

The Honest Minister was the ironically named main antagonist of Akame Ga Kill!. After murdering the Emperor’s parents, he manipulated him into controlling the capital as deputy leader. Though notoriously aware of the injustices across the country, he rejoiced in the suffering of his own people.

Fake and materialistic, Honest’s royal background would make him an excellent Heavenly Dragon. Although he wasn’t formidable in combat, the marine admirals would be more than capable of protecting him from retaliation for his worst sins, be it from Night Raid or enemy pirates.

8/10 Neito would love to be above everyone

my hero academia

Neito Monoma from My Hero Academia

Neito was the face of Class 1-B in my hero academia. Fiercely competitive, he did his best to show off the supposed strength of his class, regardless of his actual capabilities. Given Neito’s inflated sense of arrogance and desire to place himself above others, he would make an excellent Heavenly Dragon.

His Quirk would be useful in the One piece world, as it would allow him to imitate the powers of the Devil Fruit without issue. If Neito were to employ strong bodyguards using his new station, it would be difficult to attack him, let alone defeat him.

7/10 DIO embodies the worst traits of celestial dragons

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

DIO pulls out his knives in JoJos Bizarre Adventure

As the main antagonist of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, DIO was particularly sinister. Willing to kill his adoptive father to steal the family inheritance, the villain’s ambitions eventually evolved into conquering Heaven itself.

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Many of DIO’s followers worshiped him as a god, a facade he gladly leaned against. If DIO were to become a Heavenly Dragon, others would be forced to acknowledge his delusions. This would allow the vampire to step out of the shadows and use his new position to destroy the Joestar family forever.

6/10 Bizeff was the carnal minion of the chimera ants

hunter x hunter

Bizeff in Hunter x Hunter

When Meruem’s Chimera Ants took over the NGL in hunter x hunter, they still needed a public spokesperson. Bizeff was recruited for such a role and given the remaining luxuries of the countries in exchange for his services.

Considering that Bizeff was willing to accommodate his nation’s conquerors, he lacked any semblance of morality. Worse yet, Bizeff used his new influence to control crowds of vulnerable women. This was very much like the Celestial Dragons’ interest in human trafficking as seen in the Sabaody Archipelago.

5/10 Malty used his power for sinister gain

The Rising of the Shield Hero

Princess Malty tries to act cool in The Rising Of The Shield Hero.

Malty was one of the most notorious characters in The Rising of the Shield Hero. As the princess of Melromarc, she used her position to malign the Shield Hero and weaken the country’s defenses.

Malty’s enthusiasm for hurting innocent people for personal gain would make her a welcome addition to the Heavenly Dragons. Since she took full advantage of her noble origin to do whatever she wanted, it would be easy for her to overlook or even condone the World Government’s worst atrocities as long as her personal interests were upheld.

4/10 Haumea loves to control and use others.

fire force

Haumea with an oversized golden crown covering her face in Fire Force.

Everything about fire force‘s Haumea made her resemble a Heavenly Dragon. For example, her power-up ability allowed her to control others, and she freely used it against Sho and enemy companies with no regard for their long-term freedom or safety.

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As one of the most important members of the White-Clad, Haumea did not hesitate to use her rank to send subordinates on dangerous tasks. She didn’t care about Charon’s safety, dismissing any trouble she got into by reasoning that he could handle it. Furthermore, her fashion sense closely resembled that of a World Noble.

3/10 Willy Tybur enjoyed having the world at his fingertips

attack on titan

Attack on Titan Willy Tybur

Willy Tybur was the true ruler of Marley in attack on titan. Despite his modesty and seriousness, he enjoyed his influence and was able to summon world leaders to an area. With his focused attention, he declared war on Paradis and claimed billions of lives in the process.

Given Willy’s background in politics, royal pedigree, and over-reliance on others to protect him, he would make a convincing Heavenly Dragon. Despite his flaws, Willy would be one of the more human characters in his ranks.

2/10 Pegasus was the mastermind behind Duelist Kingdom


Pegasus gets his eye back.

Pegasus was the main antagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh!The Duelist Kingdom arc. Pompous and sarcastic, he possessed the elitist attitudes that the Heavenly Dragons have come to be known for. Pegasus’ ostentation is an important factor when considering him for the position of World Noble.

He hosted an entire dueling tournament on a huge island with over a hundred contestants, all for the chance to steal Yugi’s Millennium Puzzle. Her flair for greatness and her unapologetic waste of money make him a perfect match for Mary Geoise and would allow him to blend into her ranks with no hassle from her.

1/10 Ryo was a brilliant manipulator and a cunning demon.

crybaby devil man

Ryo is lost in thought in Devilman Crybaby

Ryo was the main antagonist of crybaby devil man. In his human form, he was cunning enough to frame Akira for a club massacre using his influence in the media. Considering the Heavenly Dragons’ distortion of world events, this already suggests that he would be welcome among his ranks.

Since Ryo was actually a fallen angel, this would make him even more attractive. Because many Heavenly Dragons consider themselves to be gods, having a member that can actually prove their divinity would go a long way to their credibility.

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