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Core points of Gamers

10 Anime Characters Who Taught Us That It’s Okay To Fail

Failure is a part of life and there is nothing anyone can do to change that. A person can be born with all the natural talent in the world and more resources than they know what to do with, but there will still be obstacles that even they cannot overcome. The sooner someone learns and understands that, the easier their life will be.

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Since art is often a reflection of reality, even fictional characters are not infallible. In fact, it is because of their flaws and failures that they become beloved characters, teaching others that, most of the time, failure is nothing to fear.

10/10 Ozpin chose to trust others again


Commissioned by the gods to represent the face of Remnant until he ended the witch’s reign of terror, Ozpin is undoubtedly one of the longest-lived characters in the entire world. RWBY. In his quest to defeat his cursed ex-wife, he has found and lost countless allies, all while Salem’s death remains out of his grasp.

After the Fall of Beacon, it looked like he was going to retreat further into the shadows, but Team RWBY and his friends managed to convince him that he wasn’t alone in his fight. With this new association, the Maidens and the reincarnations of Oz, the series presents an overall theme of taking up the torch.

9/10 Shikamaru learned from his mistakes.


Asuma saying his last words to Shikamaru before his death in Naruto Shippuden.

Shikamaru is no stranger to failure. He took responsibility for Sasuke evading his former comrades and into Orochimaru’s clutches, blaming himself for Asuma’s death. Despite his carefree bravado, those events weighed heavily on him, and it took a lot of courage and determination to keep her from wallowing in his pain.

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Shikamaru’s fights show that even if one person fails, it’s not the end of the world. As long as they learn from their mistakes and apply what they learn in the future, they will be able to make up for them. As a result, Shikamaru became one of the Hidden Leaf’s most proficient tactical geniuses in naruto shippuden.

8/10 Thorfinn missed his chance to kill Askeladd

vinland saga

Thorfinn about to fight

Thorfinn spent his youth killing a man, the man who brutally murdered his father. The twenty-four episodes that make up vinland saga‘s prologue ends with the young assailant watching the object of his anger die in the hand of another person. Fortunately, it was for the best, as he was finally able to move on and no longer live his life ruled by hate.

There is a saying: “When one door closes, another opens.In Thorfinn’s case, watching Askeladd die was the first step in giving him closure, and now his life can begin in earnest. Sometimes life has plans that differ from an individual’s, and all they can do is go with the flow.

7/10 Akko refused to give up.

little witch academy

Atsuko Kagari riding her broom, Little Witch Academia

At Luna Nova Academy, a private school for the most prestigious young minds from around the world, young witches are raised to become the leading figures of the wizarding world. And then there’s Akko. As the weakest and least magically skilled member of the student body, she had to make up for what she lacked in aptitude with attitude.

Without a doubt, Akko has made more mistakes than anyone in Luna Nova history, just like Chariot did in her student days, but that never stopped her from quitting. little witch academy it’s a lesson in perseverance and self-belief, taking to heart the lesson Chariot taught him in that fateful magic show.

6/10 Itadori couldn’t save his new friend

jujutsu kaisen

Junpei and Yuji laughing

Japan, as shown in jujutsu kaisenIt is fraught with danger, full of demons and evil spirits that are a threat to both your enemies and civilians. While wizards and curses battle in the shadows, others often get caught up in the mix, like Junpei Yoshino and his mother. His encounters with Mahito and his ilk doom them, and Junpei’s new friend Itadori Yuuji is unable to help him.

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When Itadori witnessed Junpei’s transformation, he had hoped that Sukuna’s power could reverse the change, but all the spirit within him did was laugh at his misery. After the battle with Mahito, Itadori came to understand that he couldn’t save everyone, but he still vowed to never “lose” again.

5/10 Michiru taught her team the value of enjoying the trade

BNA: new animal

One of Michiru’s adventures in new animal he follows her by joining a baseball team made up of bears from the slums, known for losing all their games. They started playing baseball for the love of the sport and as a way out of poverty. However, they were lost when Michiru’s addition to the team led them to championships and on the betting network’s radar.

Although it may seem like a naive notion, failure is not as important as having fun when it comes to competing. As long as someone enjoys what they’re doing, they won’t feel like a failure. It’s just the next step in the improvement process.

4/10 Iroh’s failures helped him realize his destiny.

Avatar the last airbender

Iroh on a ship with tea in Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Iroh, former General of Avatar the last airbender‘s Fire Nation, was an esteemed war hero who left his nation in disgrace by failing to capture Ba Sing Se. Losing his son in the war showed the former crown prince that he was on the wrong track, as warmongering and slaughter only harmed the world and the people in it.

Free to do what he wants now that Ozai sits on the throne, he can spend his days playing Pai Sho and guiding Zuko however he can. Through his failure, he realized that while he may be a competent leader, his true calling was to pave the way for the next generation of leaders.

3/10 Usopp fills a niche in the straw hats

One piece

Perona intends to attack Usopp - One Piece

Everyone has something they can and cannot do.Those were the words that Sanji said to the Sogeking in Enies Lobby after saving him from being mauled by the transformed Jabra, assuring him that everyone has their strengths and weaknesses.

Usopp lived his life running like a coward, so hearing those words lit a fire in the young sniper. He then went on to serve as the final burst of inspiration for Luffy in his fight against Lucci. By taking Sanji’s words to heart, Usopp became a better crewmate. Usopp would continue to focus on the talents that filled the gaps in his crew on his journey to find One piecetaking steps to become the great warrior he always wanted to be.

2/10 Ash Ketchum always looked for the next horizon


Ash Ketchum is finally Pokémon World Champion

After thirty years from the beginning of his journey to become a Pokémon Master, Ash Ketchum finally won a Pokémon League and became Champion of not only the Galar region, but the entire world. Pokemon world. Fans of yesteryear will remember the many losses that led up to this moment and the number of times he bounced back and continued his adventure into the next region.

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With each stumble, Ash learned from each battle and came up with innovative ways to gain an advantage over his opponents, making him a strong and strategic Trainer. Now, his efforts have finally paid off and his dream has been achieved.

1/10 Aqours brought zero to one

Love live! Sunshine!!

aqours of love live the sun

Inspired by the school idol group that swept the nation, Takami Chika embarks on a quest to follow in μ’s footsteps in Love live! Sunshine!!. Like Kosaka Honoka before her, Chika’s growth as a school idol is an uphill battle, with problems besetting her at every turn. However, when she reunites the group and the first competition arrives, her hopes are dashed when they receive zero votes from the audience.

Giving up seems like a viable option after this brutal defeat, but the newly formed Aqours not only have their school life on the line, but the school itself. With nowhere else to go but up, Aqours decides to take one step at a time, going from zero to at least one.

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