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10 Anime Characters Who Rather Live In Their Past (& Why)

It is simple to seek out consolation up to now that is not filled with hardships. Constant operating and avoiding issues find yourself deluding the truth of what is taking place. This is true each in the actual world and in fiction. Anime is a medium that has loads of characters who spend extra time up to now than they do appreciating their current.

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For some anime characters, their previous means every thing and transferring on means letting go. Their attachment to the recollections of their previous is bittersweet. Characters should overcome their sentiment if they’re ever to maneuver ahead. While clinging to the previous could be a consolation, it may well inhibit private development.

10 Beatrice Finds Comfort In The Solitude Of Her Past


Letting go of guarantees and hope will not be a straightforward alternative. Isekai anime Re:Zero depends on the significance of time for its plot. Re:Zero presents characters who can manipulate time for his or her benefit, but Beatrice chooses to reside in her previous.

Beatrice isolates herself in her library to keep away from the ache brought on by unfulfilled guarantees. Beatrice reveals why she will be able to’t let go of her previous as she has to attend for her savior. Beatrice tells Subaru her prophecy e book is stuffed with clean pages, not telling her tips on how to transfer on along with her life. After denying that Subaru is the one to avoid wasting her, she realizes he’s the one one to ever discover her after years of ready.

9 Brook Holds Past Crewmates Close To His Heart

One Piece

One Piece doesn’t miss in terms of a tragic backstory for its characters. Brook’s unique crew, the Rumbar pirates, was a crew filled with musicians. While Brook is singing, a flashback exhibits the Rumbar pirates dying one after the other whereas singing “Bink’s Sake” as a closing goodbye.

Brook’s Devil Fruit brings him again to life, leaving him to reside every single day in his previous to keep away from figuring out he was fully alone in the midst of the ocean. Talking to himself and singing had been the one method for Brook to maintain going. Until Luffy stumbles throughout his ship, Brook has to say goodbye to his crew and joins the Straw Hats.

8 Naruto Won’t Let Go Of Sasuke Or His Childhood


The energy of friendship and loneliness has led Naruto Uzumaki to reside in his early childhood in Naruto. Getting Sasuke again has been Naruto’s sole motivation to get stronger. Remembering how lonely he had felt and Sasuke being there to problem him are sentiments of his previous. Sasuke even tells Naruto a number of occasions to let go of the previous, as he will not return to him or Konoha.

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Naruto solely realizes that he has not moved on when he fights himself, seeing the results of his self-hatred. After accepting himself and Sasuke’s selections, Naruto lastly understands Sasuke’s ache and sees tips on how to get him again.

7 Victor Accomplished His Goals Too Soon

Yuri!!! On Ice

Yuri!!! On Ice focuses on the concept of not giving up. Yuri exhibits what it means to maintain going, combating to make issues change. On the opposite hand, Victor, who has received each competitors and medal, can not transfer on from what he has achieved.

World data and motivation have left Victor and his skating profession to reside on up to now. Accomplishments and data that Victor would look ahead to would develop meaningless. Yuri skating with ardour beats Victor’s world document and exhibits him there may be extra to skating. As Yuri teaches Victor a distinct method of skating, Victor dusts his skates off, becoming a member of Yuri again on the ice.

6 Jiraya Is Reminded Of His Past From The Ones Around Him


Jiraya in Naruto habitually compares college students and associates to his previous. Due to his failure to avoid wasting the individuals round him, Jiraya clings to his remorse into his current days.

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A relentless comparability Jiraya makes is with Naruto and his father, Minato. While they’re comparable, Jiraya sees them as an identical. Even in terms of Tsunade, Jiraya by no means fails to check her to her youthful self when he first began liking her. Jiraya being caught in his previous left him with one outlet: writing. When it involves his closing moments, overcoming his failure as a instructor, Jiraya locations his hope in Naruto figuring out he’d be a larger shinobi.

5 The Past Cost Edward An Arm & A Leg

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood has one fundamental rule: alchemy comes on the worth of equal change. Young Edward and Alphonse had tried utilizing alchemy to revive their late mom. This forbidden alchemy price Edward’s limbs and Alphonses’ physique. Another limb change must happen to get Alphonse’s soul again, leaving his physique behind.

Regretting his determination, Edward has tried every thing he may to vary their consequence. Alphonse being Edward’s fixed reminder makes him unable to neglect what he misplaced. It’s not till a full-out warfare that Edward can lastly settle his previous as soon as and for all. Regaining his misplaced arm and legs alongside along with his brother’s physique, Edward can transfer on along with his life.

4 Eren’s Motivation Is His Memories

Attack On Titan

Eren is a novel character from Attack On Titan who exhibits the complexity of proper and unsuitable. While Eren fights for freedom and what he thinks is true, he turns into caught within the recollections of days spent with Mikasa and Armin. Innocence and recollections management Eren’s future actions. Mikasa, Armin, and the scouts function a continuing reminder of what Eren has misplaced.

Between the Eldians and the Marleyans, Eren has to cover his true emotions which have been stored buried deep in his previous. Not having the ability to transfer on from these days spent with the individuals near him, Eren has to maneuver ahead along with his concept of freedom.

3 Takemichi Doesn’t Want To Go Back To The Present Day

Tokyo Revengers

From saving a center college girlfriend and becoming a member of a gang, Takemichi from Tokyo Revengers doesn’t have sufficient time. As Takemichi positive factors the flexibility to return in time, he should save Tachibana and protect the Tokyo Manji Gang.

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Takemichi has to go between the previous and current to plan what he has to do subsequent. This backwards and forwards leaves Takemichi with a heavy coronary heart, because it appears he by no means has sufficient time. Memories and sorrow are left when Takemichi doesn’t make the best selections and has to return to his present time. Watching the tragedy unfold, Takemichi is left eager to relive his center college life within the hopes of saving the individuals closest to him.

2 Kaede Stays Home To Avoid The Outside World

Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai

Adolescence Syndrome is a time period used to explain a phenomenon in Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai. Kaede is one character out of many who’ve this syndrome. From being bullied in particular person and on-line, Kaede stays house to keep away from confrontation along with her previous.

Kaede’s method of avoiding her trauma is to regress to a youthful age. Onesies and childlike mannerisms have taken over Kaede’s persona. Kaede avoids going to highschool and out of her home. Sakuta, her brother, is aware of she has to beat the syndrome. Little by little, Sakuta exhibits Kaede that the world is not the identical because it was. After realizing she will not be harm once more, Kaede gathers her braveness to return to highschool.

1 Yukiastu Can’t Let Go Of His Love For Menma

Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

Mourning over a misplaced childhood good friend can have its baggage. Yukaistu from Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day takes the lack of childhood good friend Menma personally. Yukaistu’s persona and development have all stayed behind within the days they had been all collectively.

When Jintan brings up Menma and their previous childhood days, Yukiastu is the primary to be upset. Anohana later reveals the irony as Yukiastu was the one who had by no means let go, because it exhibits him dressing up like Menma. The obsession and love for Menma will hold Yukiastu in his previous. The solely method he can transfer on is to grieve by saying his closing goodbye.

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