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10 Anime Characters Who Just Don’t Care About Others

Audiences are sure to get bored if each character is painted with the identical brush, leaving nothing to the creativeness. On the opposite, the best-written works of fiction embody characters whose ethical compasses not often level in the identical route. Although anime is not as extremely considered cinema, particularly by way of Western optics, it stays probably the most participating types of storytelling ever devised.

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Anime characters are available a refreshing vary of emotional flavors — a few of them are profoundly relatable, whereas others might be downright despicable. In truth, there are various well-known anime characters who do not actually care about something or anybody apart from themselves.

10 Ragyo Kiryuin Wants To Crush The World Under Her Fashionable Heels

Kill La Kill

Kill la Kill‘s Ragyo Kiryuin does not even attempt to disguise her conceit and contempt for humanity. She has little or no pity for the sufferings of others, together with her two daughters. Ragyo brazenly makes an attempt to homicide Satsuki and Ryuko for defying her authority, making her one of many worst anime dad and mom in latest reminiscence.

In one case, she rips Ryuko’s coronary heart out of her ribcage whereas cruelly laughing at her daughter’s distress. While Ragyo claims to be a spokesperson for the Life Fibers, the reality is that she simply needs to crush all the world beneath her admittedly modern heels.

9 Concepts Like Morality And Decency Are Completely Alien To Gendo Ikari

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Gendo does not care about his son, in any way. He pressures Shinji into piloting one among his Evangelions, callously ignoring the latter’s plaintive objections. Gendo claims to nonetheless be in love along with his spouse, however sees nothing mistaken with having secret affairs along with his personal staff.

Concepts similar to morality and decency are utterly alien to somebody like Gendo, who controls folks like they’re senseless puppets. Although Gendo Ikari clearly does not deserve Shinji’s love, his uncared for son continues to hunt his blessings and approval.

8 Sesshomaru Never Learns How To Express Himself Without Using Sarcasm


Unlike his half-brother Inuyasha, Sesshomaru hates people with a vengeance. Due to the purity of his yokai bloodline, he snubs anybody he deems weaker than himself. This overbearing demon barely offers a hoot about his allies, not to mention his enemies, as seen by way of his fixed mistreatment of Jaken.

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Sesshomaru’s vanity and hostility forestall him from forging real emotional connections. While Sesshomaru mellows considerably over the course of the story, he by no means learns the right way to specific himself with out sarcasm or condescension in his voice.

7 The People Of Giha Village Could Do A Lot Better Than Chief Shak

Gurren Lagann

Gurren Lagann begins within the subterranean Giha village, residence to protagonists Simon and Kamina. This gloomy settlement has been clinging to life for an unspecified time frame — its inhabitants do not even have sufficient water to scrub themselves correctly.

Simon and Kamina frequently get in hassle with Giha village’s Chief Shak, a person described as being “as huge as he is a jerk.” Chief Shak pretends to be so much braver than he really is, explaining why he cowers in worry upon seeing a Gunman for the primary time. The folks of Giha might do so much higher than an insensitive chief like Shak.

6 Dante’s Hypocritical Attitude And Spiteful Tendencies Make Her Untrustworthy

Fullmetal Alchemist

Like her counterpart in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Dante’s malignant persona guides her self-serving ambitions. Her humanity is step by step stripped from her over time, leaving her utterly apathetic and overtly vicious.

Dante is repulsed by human beings, whom she calls “selfish, ignorant creatures,” however concurrently steals their life aura with a view to extend her lifespan. Dante’s hypocritical angle and spiteful tendencies make her extraordinarily untrustworthy. Even her personal “children” are nothing greater than expendable instruments, created for the only real goal of serving her imaginative and prescient.

5 Inosuke Hashibira Expects Everyone Else To Become His Cannon Fodder

Demon Slayer

Although Inosuke Hashibira is not a nasty particular person within the technical sense, he insists on preventing everybody he meets, no matter their opinions and preferences. He needs to be the best warrior of all time, a lofty aspiration, however he treats each his opponents and his mates as stepping stones to greatness.

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Inosuke does not appear to comprehend that different folks have lives, hopes, and desires of their very own. In his painfully one-track thoughts, everybody else exists to fulfill his belligerent urges and change into cannon fodder for him to apply his swordsmanship on. Fortunately, Tanjiro’s compassionate nature ultimately rubs off on Inosuke.

4 Kira Unironically Refers To Himself As A God

Death Note

Yagami Light’s ego takes on epic proportions each time he manages to evade L. At one level, he unironically refers to himself as “the god of this new world,” and “the world’s only hope.” No human ought to ever possess such limitless energy over life and loss of life, however Light smugly assumes the Death Note to be his birthright.

The Cult of Kira permits his habits by worshipping him as their so-called “savior,” successfully reworking him right into a coldhearted sadist. Despite his comparatively innocuous origins, Light proves to be a legal mastermind on par with villains like Professor Moriarty in Sherlock Holmes.

3 Toph Isn’t Concerned With The Court Of Public Opinion

Avatar: The Last Airbender

While Toph does benefit from the firm of sure folks, she actually could not be bothered with the courtroom of public opinion. It’s nearly unimaginable for anybody to ruffle her feathers, not to mention pierce her thick pores and skin. Toph’s aloofness is a product of her overprotected childhood — she wastes so a few years catering to her dad and mom’ misconceptions that she merely does not care what anybody thinks of her anymore.

Toph spends her first few days with Team Avatar marching to the beat of her personal drum, nonchalantly dismissing Katara’s protests. Interestingly, Toph’s devil-may-care angle disappears throughout her maturity, however she returns to peak kind in her twilight years.

2 Amai Mask Prioritizes His Celebrity Above Anything Else

One-Punch Man

Amai Mask, also called Handsomely Masked Sweet Mask, prevents incompetent heroes from attaining S-Class standing. On the floor, he seems to combat on behalf of each citizen in Z-City, however he is not as benign as he appears. Amai Mask considers each villain to be past redemption, which is why he brutally dispatches them with out mercy.

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In different phrases, he turns into their choose, jury, and executioner. If that is not dangerous sufficient, this hero does not actually have an issue with killing brainwashed, however in any other case innocent, folks. Amai Mask prioritizes his movie star above every part else, even when it means murdering his fellow heroes within the course of.

1 All For One Intends To Destroy Everything In His Path

My Hero Academia

All For One’s final objective has at all times been world domination. He plots and schemes for many years earlier than imposing his violent imaginative and prescient on society, irrespective of what number of innocents are caught within the crossfire. In truth, All For One is prepared to sacrifice numerous lives so long as his mission aims are happy.

He has no illusions about being the hero of the story — quite the opposite, he proudly calls himself “the greatest demon lord.” All For One is arguably probably the most hateable shonen anime villains ever created. Fans are undoubtedly going to cheer his demise when it lastly occurs.

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