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10 Anime Characters Who Hate Their Jobs

In anime, many characters find a lot to hate about their jobs. Your co-workers may be harassing, your superiors may take advantage of you, and your salary may not be enough to live on. However, it is not easy to give up an income. Social and cultural pressures can also make quitting almost impossible.

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When slackers find employment, this could be their attitude towards their new job, unless it’s something that really suits them. Other times, the characters might have been optimistic about their work at first, but they just underestimated the reality of their line of work. Some characters are just stuck in the wrong kind of job for them and may find a happy ending by making a change.


In Aggretsuko, Retusko hates her desk job, especially since it leads her into death metal. Granted, Retsuko doesn’t have it easy in her job with higher-ups giving her extra work, which sometimes includes menial tasks like making tea. On the other hand, Retsuko also uses her work as a crutch, blaming her office work for almost all of her problems.

Part of Retusko’s motivation for getting married is so she can finally quit her job. However, when Tadano offers to support her financially, Retsuko breaks up with him because she doesn’t really want to get married or start a family.

9/10 Panda complains about working two days a week

polar bear cafe

Polar Bear Coffee, Polar Bear and Panda Bear.

In polar bear cafe, Panda is defined by his laziness. Panda technically works at the zoo, but he only works twice a week and hangs out there too. Despite this, Panda often complains about how hard she has to work. At one point, Panda is even hoping to get fired.

Panda’s poor work ethic is actually the main reason he is at the Polar Bear Café, as his mother insists he find part-time work. Despite this, when the time comes, Panda can motivate himself to work harder. Despite his laziness, Panda has shown that he finds it easy to get a job, once even becoming CEO.

8/10 Miki took her job just to hang around

miki ramen fighter

Noodle Fighter Miki hates her job

In miki ramen fighter, Miki Onimaru is effectively the mascot and delivery boy for his family’s ramen restaurant. In practice, however, Miki takes advantage of her position to slack off as much as possible. Even when Miki does her job, she rarely manages to make deliveries on time.

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If Miki is ever seen thinking positively about work, as if to say it’s exciting, she’s kidding herself. All in all, Miki is the type of character who just doesn’t have ambition. Even on a day off, Miki has nothing to do.

7/10 yukari falls asleep on her desk

Azumanga Daioh

Azumanga Daioh Yukari Sensei is not a typical teacher

In Azumanga Daioh, Yukari Tanizaki is the homeroom teacher and the girls’ English teacher. Yukari can be extremely listless and easily bored. She acts more like a stereotypical slacker student, being late for class and sleeping through class.

Yukari also has a bit of a rivalry with her friend, Minamo Kurosawa, the popular physical education teacher. Thanks to this, Yukari occasionally cancels classes to have physical education instead of her. Despite all this, Yukari occasionally takes her work seriously, even punishing her students for sharing her bad habits. Yukari is also surprisingly good at understanding English.

6/10 Nanami chose to be a Jujutsu sorcerer over a salaryman

jujutsu kaisen

Kento Nanami from Jujutsu Kaisen.

In jujutsu kaisen, Kento Nanami used to be a stockbroker and salaryman. However, Nanami’s job did not make him happy. At best, Nanami hoped that his work would help him retire young and move to another country.

After performing an exorcism and seeing himself help a bakery worker, Nanami finally decided that his true calling was to be a jujutsu sorcerer. Despite this, Nanami retains a serious and hard-working personality. That being said, Nanami isn’t too enthusiastic about being a jujutsu sorceress, she sometimes treats it as a lesser evil than being a salaryman.

5/10 Ume resents the kindergarten she works at, especially the payroll.

Crayon Shin Chan

Crayon Shin-Chan Ume, the disgruntled kindergarten teacher

In Crayon Shin Chan, Ume Matsuzaka is a teacher at Futaba Kindergarten. Ume often laments having to work at Futaba’s kindergarten, particularly having to deal with Shin-chan, so she probably doesn’t take her job too seriously. Ume actually gets a chance to transfer to another school, but she ultimately turns it down.

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On the other hand, Ume’s low salary is also a cause for contempt for her. Ume is known for presenting herself as living in more style than she can really afford. Ume once had to live on free samples from the supermarket after spending most of her income on luxuries.

4/10 Yamazaki does not want to be part of the family business

welcome to nhk

Welcome to NHK Yamazaki wants to be a game designer

In welcome to nhk, Karou Yamazaki originally grew up on a dairy farm and winery, but felt that his family still planned his life for him. This inspired Yamazaki to leave farm life behind, go to school, and study game design. The fact that Yamazaki had an arranged marriage played into this as well. Ironically, Karou also blames the romanticization of Westernization.

In the manga, Yamazaki also briefly worked at a Host Club, only to get annoyed with the clientele. In the end, talent may not be enough, as Yamazaki doesn’t have much of a talent for game design. Ultimately, Yamazaki may be better off with the family business.

3/10 Emeraude shows that even princesses don’t always like their job

Magic Knight Rayearth

Princess Emeraude from Magic Knight Rayearth.

In Magic Knight Rayearth, Princess Emeraude is tasked with keeping Cephrio safe and sound with her prayers. It is made clear that Cephiro would be in grave danger without her, as shown when she is apparently captured by the villainous Zagato. However, it turns out that things are not exactly what they seem.

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Emeraude is truly in love with Zagato and knew that her love prevented her from offering her entire life to Cephiro. Emeraude organizes the entire series into a scheme to free herself from the pillar system and choose a more suitable candidate. Tragically, Emeraude could have ended the pillar system of her own free will simply by sharing her burden.

2/10 Akira prefers zombies to his job

Zom 100: Wish List of the Dead

Zom 100 Akira Tendo thanks for a good zombie holiday

In Zom 100: Wish List of the DeadAkira Tendo did not go through his best moment when he worked as a copywriter for commercials. Akira’s job was filled with impossible tasks. The deadlines would constantly change, but Akira would be punished if he was late.

It becomes clear that Akira used to be singled out in the workplace, as his coworkers often bragged about the benefits they would get. Things get so bad that Akira wishes he could be the hero of a zombie movie. When the zombies turn out to be real and take over, Akira is glad he doesn’t have to work anymore.

1/10 The life of a salaryman was not for Saitama

one punch man

One Punch Man Saitama was once a salaryman

In one punch man, Saitama was once a failed salaryman. Technically speaking, what really affected Saitama in his line of work was the stress of finding a job. The constant rejections and unemployment had taken their toll on Saitama.

However, after saving a boy from a crab creature, Saitama becomes determined to stop being a salaryman and become a hero. Through sheer willpower and training, Saitama was able to take down an enemy with a single punch.

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