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10 Anime Characters Who Are Always Stressed

Usually, anime worlds are extremely stressful and riddled with conflict. Although some characters have found ways to find peace within themselves through life philosophies or meditation, others are constantly stressed by the current situation and what may happen in the future.

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This apprehension can manifest through their actions, such as increased aggression or attacks. However, some may occasionally weaponize their stress to their advantage as motivation or in some other way. The impact of stress on the life of an anime character cannot be overlooked, as it influences his actions and the plot as a whole.

10/10 Michael Holes was an ineffective keeper


Michael Holes was the warden of the Arizona State Prison in Baki. Despite carrying a sarcastic and confident demeanor, he was actually stressed in most situations. Yet Holes’s apprehension was understandable.

Between Olivia’s immense strength and Baki’s determination to defy him, he struggled to gain credibility among the inmates in his charge. When Baki kidnapped Holes and forced the other jailers to retreat, the warden knew it meant the end of his reputation and possibly even his career.

9/10 Azula constantly competed for Ozai’s approval.

Avatar the last airbender

Azula is scary in Avatar The Last Airbender

Azula never had a moment of peace in Avatar. Relying entirely on her father’s doctrine, she brutally pursued Aang across the nations in hopes of proving herself. Since Azula was constantly mocking and taking advantage of Zuko’s inefficiency, she needed to succeed where he failed.

Azula’s stress became apparent at a beach party. A misfit and clearly unable to blend in with her peers, she burned down an entire house in a fit of rage. After Ozai told her to stay behind during the conquest of the Earth Kingdom, Azula cut off her hair in a fit of wild rage.

8/10 Kurapika never let go of the past

hunter x hunter

Kurapika scarlet eyes shining

Kurapika’s story was the most tragic of hunter x hunter. He survived the traumatic extinction of the Kurta Clan and vowed to avenge them. To this end, he became a hunter, learned Nen, and even kidnapped Chrollo personally.

Although Gon talked Kurapika out of killing him, he found little comfort in forcing the Troupe to disperse. Kurapika continued to live with his past, never being able to escape his shadow or the stress he caused. He never visited Gon when the young man was hospitalized, hinting that he might regret taking his advice.

7/10 Neito constantly compared himself to Class 1-A

my hero academia

Anime My Hero Academia Neito Monoma Copy Quirk Harden

Neito facilitated the rivalry between Class 1-A and 1-B in My Hero Academia. His inferiority complex constantly pushed him to compare the two, making him seem unstable in front of the whole school. Neito’s stress was due to the impossible standards he set for himself.

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Since Class 1-A was made up of the most promising heroes already facing off against deadly villains, he should never have thought of being weaker than them. If he hadn’t, he might have put more energy into his own betterment.

6/10 Shinra struggled with his past and his nature.

fire force

Fire Force - Shinra Kusakabe smiling

Shinra Kusakabe had more reason to stress than most fire force characters. Forced to endure the death of his mother and the disappearance of his brother, the others began to mistrust him. This made joining Eight Company more difficult even if he had noble intentions.

Furthermore, Shinra was identified as a necessary pillar for the evangelist’s awakening. As a result, he was attacked by numerous white-robed members. Shinra responded to the stress with a reflective smile, giving the others the impression that he didn’t care about the danger he was in.

5/10 Eren refused to stop fighting.

attack on titan

Eren Yeager from Attack on Titan.

Eren’s philosophy of “never stop fighting” was a rallying cry and a main theme for the characters in attack on titan. Yet she practiced it so religiously that he could never escape the stress or his own demons. In many cases, Eren would lash out as a result of the tension he had been holding back with himself.

This was seen during the second battle for Shigashina when he was trying to revive Armin. He was equally unfettered when he demanded that Historia eat him as justice for his father’s crimes. At the end of the Rumor, Eren had a complete breakdown in the Roads.

4/10 Ghiaccio sweated the small stuff

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

GHIACCIO golden wind

out of any JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure characters, Ghiaccio carried most of the stress. He constantly delved into rants about pedantic topics that ultimately didn’t matter. Most of La Squadra were unaware of these episodes as they had come to tolerate them as part of their personality.

Ghiaccio also took great offense when the heroes tried to attack him despite their roles as explicit enemies. His hypervigilance and his eagerness to go overboard suggested just how nervous and stressed the villain really was. Ironically, Ghiaccio was also overly confident in White Album’s protective abilities, leading to his downfall.

3/10 Nnoitra’s envy embittered him


Nnoitra licks her hand in Bleach

Nnoitra was the most envious character in Bleach. He allowed it to define his personality, which turned him against his own allies. For example, he betrayed Nelliel because he wanted rank from her and felt she didn’t deserve it.

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During the shinigami’s invasion of Espada territory, Nnoitra was also envious of Kenpachi Zaraki’s strength. To this end, he refused to accept defeat and even taunted his opponent into killing him. Nnoitra’s constant inferiority complex resulted in an extremely stressful and unfulfilling life in which he died without finding peace.

2/10 Usopp didn’t take the danger as well as other Straw Hats.

One piece

Usopp in shock and fear when he falls over the waterfall in Skypiea - One Piece

Although Usopp shared the Straw Hats’ sense of adventure, he was among the scariest characters in the series. One piece. Whenever the crew faced even remote danger, Usopp was quickest to advise them to change course to avoid calamity.

To Usopp’s credit, there were many points where everyone should have died, such as the fight in the Sabaody Archipelago and against the Onigashima forces. Regardless, Usopp hopes to ease the stress on him by becoming a brave warrior of the sea.

1/10 Stress only makes Re-Destro stronger

my hero academia

Re-Destro of My Hero Academia.

As a high-powered businessman and aspiring criminal, my hero academiaRe-Destro’s had plenty of reasons to be stressed. He played directly with his strength due to his Quirk. Re-Destro could tap into her apprehension, turning it directly into power.

At 150% stress, Re-Destro easily pushed Shigaraki past his limit, forcing him to awaken his “Decay” ability to prevail. While the stress could make Re-Destro unstable, he was more than willing to pay the price to become one of the most dangerous threats in the antagonists’ arsenal.

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