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10 Anime Characters For Fans Of Iruma-Kun!’s Asmodeus Alice

Welcome to Demon School! iruma-kun boasts a charismatic cast, from the blue-haired lead, Iruma Suzuki, to the perpetually energetic Valac Clara. Asmodeus Alice is the third part of the series’ main trifecta of lovable characters, and it’s impossible not to like her after going through her introduction.

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Initially hot-headed and arrogant, Asmodeus challenged Iruma to a fight and lost. Since then, Asmodeus has been Iruma’s loyal friend and always does what he can to help him. Asmodeus is a unique case, but there are plenty of characters for fans of him to enjoy in other amazing anime series.

10/10 Ryota Kise is a charismatic basketball player and model with a legion of fangirls.

kuroko’s basketball

In kuroko’s basketball, Ryota Kise is a member of the Generation of Miracles. Currently playing for Kaijo High, Kise has proven to be a monster on the basketball court with the ability for him to perfectly copy someone else’s game after seeing it just once.

Off the court, Kise is an admired model who has earned a legion of fans due to his good looks and athletic talents. Like Asmodeus, Kise is passionate about what he does and always challenges his friends to improve his abilities, even though it hurts him to do so. Kise also had an arrogant streak at the start of the series before being defeated by Kagami and Kuroko during a game, making him realize that he still had a ways to go.

9/10 Jean went through a similar character arc

attack on titan

Jean worried about her friends in Attack On Titan.

In attack on titan, Jean starts out as a brash and flippant teenager with a rebellious streak. Questioning authority isn’t wrong, but Jean was still wet behind the ears at the time and he had nothing to prove why he felt qualified to do so. Like Asmodeus, Jean used to challenge people to fight him because she was arrogant and didn’t think she would lose.

Since then, Jean has become a true leader with the experience to back him up when he questions another person’s judgment. Jean became a pillar of strength during Attack the titans stressful times and always showed that despite his snarky comments, he really cares about the friends he’s made.

8/10 Noah is an empathic vampire who cares about his friends.

The Vanitas Case Study

Noé Archivist of The Vanitas Case Study.

Noah Archivist of The Vanitas Case Study he is a vampire with a childlike sense of wonder at the world. His curiosity often gets him into trouble as he is very naive about the ways of the world. Noah lived through a traumatic situation when he was younger and lost all of his friends, so he is very protective of the ones he currently has in his life because he doesn’t want that situation to happen again.

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Noé is very empathetic, emotional and somewhat spatial. His cat, Murr, often scratches him to bring him back to reality. Like Asmodeus, Noah can be a bit impulsive when his friends are in danger and will jump before looking when it’s time to defend them.

7/10 Everything is “Besto Friendo” by Yuji

jujutsu kaisen

Aoi Todo surrounded by his cursed energy in Jujutsu Kaisen.

Jujutsu Kaisen Aoi Todo couldn’t be more different from Asmodeus on a superficial level. Asmodeus is refined, courteous, and carries himself with dignity. Although Everything behaves with dignity, it is much more vulgar and crude. Often jumping into battle just for the adrenaline rush, Todo’s companions can’t stand him because he is so unpredictable.

However, Asmodeus and Todo have one key trait: they care about their best friends. Asmodeus helps Iruma navigate the underworld, while Todo forces Yuji to stay in the A game as a sorcerer so that he can continue to be “best friends with him” with him.

6/10 There is more to Yuki than the princely persona given to him by his peers.

Fruit basquet

Yuki Sohma looking up at Fruits Basket.

like Asmodeus, Fruit basket Yuki Sohma has an army of fans following him at all times. However, none of them really pay attention to his fangirling. In fact, they both see them more as a burden than anything else. Although Yuki isn’t very flashy like Asmodeus, he still protects Tohru and the rest of her friends from him.

Asmodeus and Yuki had a lot of character growth in their respective series. Yuki had to learn to open up to others if she wanted to be free of the loneliness that plagued him all her life. Meanwhile, Asmodeus learned to let his guard down around people other than Iruma and stop acting so arrogant all the time.

5/10 Mizuki is an excitable familiar snake with a goofy personality.

kamisama kiss

Mizuki looking confused in Kamisama Kiss.

Mizuki’s kamisama kiss he initially scared viewers, but many are sympathetic to him now. He was alone and wanted to keep Nanami close since his god left the shrine. Mizuki is a white snake familiar and can become one whenever it is most convenient for her. He also prides himself on his sake brewing skills.

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Just like Asmodeus with Iruma, Mizuki would do anything for Nanami. He takes pride in being her family and helping out at the sanctuary; even his proximity to Nanami makes Tomoe nervous.

4/10 Goshiki enjoys showing off his skills


Goshiki from Haikyuu!

In Haikyuu!, Goshiki is next in line to become Shiratorizawa’s ace after Ushijima graduates. Goshiki is a bit of a showoff and likes to make sure everyone else sees the special moves he has worked so hard on. Any praise makes his head grow three times bigger, but it’s hard to stay mad at him since his happiness is endearing.

Like Asmodeus, Goshiki prides himself on his innate abilities and carries himself with an air of arrogance. While most people find his antics and arrogant disposition annoying, people like Iruma and Hinata saw right through his outward attitudes and formed meaningful friendships with them.

3/10 Yuri is Yor’s overprotective brother.

Spy x Family

Yuri Briar from Spy x Family.

In Spy x Family, Yuri Briar is Yor’s brother. He is overprotective of her and goes out of his way to praise everything he makes of her. Yor is a terrible cook, but Yuri will lie through his teeth and happily eat disgusting food just to avoid hurting her feelings.

Since Yor basically raised him, Yuri places her on a pedestal. He is overprotective of her and doesn’t like other boys getting close to her, especially Loid. Though not to the same extent, Asmodeus has been very protective of Iruma ever since she declared herself his servant. Yuri and Asmodeus are very dramatic and expressive when talking about their admiration for Yuri and Iruma, respectively.

2/10 Tenya Iida is Deku’s uptight but loyal friend.

my hero academia

Iida looking down in My Hero Academia.

In my hero academia, Iida and Deku started off on the wrong foot. On Deku’s first day at UA High, Iida doubted his abilities as she saw Deku trip and fall while he was walking to school. However, Iida came to respect him after seeing the way she fought the big robot during the entrance exams. Iida and Deku have been best friends ever since.

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It’s similar to what happened with Asmodeus and Iruma. Asmodeus challenged Iruma to a duel. Despite not having any powers, Iruma somehow emerged victorious. The results shocked Asmodeus, who had no choice but to bow down to him and shower Iruma with the utmost respect.

1/10 Robert EO Speedwagon always supported the Joestars

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Robert EO Speedwagon from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Fans often joke that Robert EO Speedwagon is the best anime waifu, as he never fails for the Joestars, even after his death. In ghost blood Y Battle tendency, Speedwagon always helped the Joestars and provided emotional support during particularly difficult times. Speedwagon may be a street thug, but he’s a great judge of character.

After meeting Jonathan, Speedwagon immediately recognized his righteous and heroic soul and accompanied him on the rest of his journey. Then he stayed by Erina’s side and became the father Joseph never had. Like Asmodeus, Speedwagon is principled and always stands up for the people who mean the most to him.

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