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10 Amazing Anime About Dragons That Aren’t Dragon Ball

Dragons are an integral part of East Asian lore and mythology. Dragon Ball in particular, it is known to have been heavily influenced by ancient Chinese myths and ideas. The main character of the series, Goku, was based on the 16th century myth of the Monkey King Son Goku.

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Drawing from this traditional Chinese influence, many other anime series have followed suit to keep the mythical idea of ​​dragons alive in the collective consciousness. While the portrayal and use of dragons can vary from show to show, their role as powerful and mysterious entities that command respect and reverence remains consistent.

10/10 Tomoe may be a servant but she demands respect

moonlit fantasy

moonlit fantasy it’s a basic isekai story he derives his sense of humor from the fact that he knows it’s a basic isekai story. One interesting way the show establishes its protagonist’s overpowered nature early on is through his interaction with one of the Greater Dragons.

While she is one of the most powerful beings in her world, the dragon Tomoe is easily tamed by the overpowered protagonist and becomes his servant. Although this is a new situation for her, Tomoe doesn’t mind as she recognizes the incredible power of her master. Still, Tomoe is a proud dragon who commands respect from all who cross her path and her master her on her journey.

9/10 Chihiro befriends a spirit dragon

made disappear

Boh, Haku and Chihiro Ogino in Spirited Away

made disappear is the most famous masterpiece of the legendary Studio Ghibli. It follows a young girl named Chihiro who is transported to the spirit world. There, she meets all sorts of strange and interesting characters, befriending many of them along the way.

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The creature that Chihiro becomes closest to during her adventure is none other than a powerful dragon named Haku. He is also the spirit of the river and can take various forms, including that of a boy of Chihiro’s age. Although Chihiro is terrified of the new world at first, Haku and the others give her the courage to face whatever obstacles she faces.

8/10 Dai draws his power from the strength of dragons

Dragon Quest: Dai’s Adventure

Dai prepares to attack in Dragon Quest: The Adventure Of Dai.

Seeing a real dragon in Dragon Quest: Dai’s Adventure it’s weirder than you might expect, yet the very premise of the show revolves almost entirely around dragons. The main character, Dai, is a Dragon Knight descended from his father, who was the commander of the Dragon Legion.

Dragon Knights are humans who have the strength of dragons, and Dai certainly displays this characteristic throughout his fight to defeat the Dark King Vearn. Dai’s father even takes the form of a dragon at one point while fighting his son, demonstrating just how intertwined the power of the Dragon Knights is with that of his namesake.

7/10 The blue-eyed white dragon is a legendary engine of destruction


Blue-Eyes White Dragon YuGiOh

Although it started as a manga and an anime series, Yu-Gi-Oh! has become one of the most popular trading card games out there. Due in large part to the popularity of the anime, its monsters have transcended trading card status to become widely recognized as popular characters in their own right.

One of the most iconic monsters around Yu-Gi-Oh! is none other than the legendary Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Blue-Eyes is Seto Kaiba’s favorite monster, and a very strong card in its own right that he has only gotten better as the card game has progressed and added more support cards for his archetype.

6/10 Dragons are one of the rarest and most powerful types of Pokemon.


Ash and his team of Journeys hold the World Coronation Series trophy in Pokémon Journeys

the Pokemon The series is full of Dragon-types, some of which are the strongest Pokémon in the series. One such Pokémon, Dragonite, was even in Ash’s group when he finally became World Champion in season 25 of the series. Pokemon anime

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While Dragon Pokemon tend to be one of the rarest types for trainers to find, they are also one of the most powerful with the fewest type weaknesses. There are even some trainers in the series, like former Elite Four leader Lance, who choose to train only Dragon-type Pokemon.

5/10 Not to be messed with the dragon god Orsted

Mushoku Tensei: Reincarnation without a job

Mushoku Tensei Dragon God Orsted

Mushoku Tensei: Reincarnation without a job follows the rebirth of Rudeus as a newborn baby who still retains all the memories of his previous life. Rudeus inevitably becomes a prodigy in this new world filled with magic, kings, monsters, and of course, dragons.

The isekai Rudeus is sent to has been torn apart by a war of great gods since time immemorial. One such god, the Dragon God Orsted, walks among men as the strongest member of the dragon tribe. The power of him is immeasurable, as evidenced by Rudeus’ only interaction with him so far in the anime, which doesn’t end well.

4/10 Dragons are the number one killer in London

burn the witch

The main duo from Burn the Witch, Noel and Ninny.

In burn the witch, 72% of deaths in London are caused by dragons. Unfortunately, dragons are not visible to the naked eye. Instead, they must be seen from the upside-down parallel world of London, where the witches reside, and keep a close eye on the dragons to keep them in check.

Among those tasked with hunting the dragons are Noel and Ninny, two powerful witches who use tubes that shoot spells like guns to subdue the majestic winged creatures. While the dark dragons of burn the witch they are certainly powerful, the creatures taking on a more villainous and animalistic role than in many other anime series.

3/10 It’s all fun and games until dragons are real


The main cast of the GATE anime

In Gate, Yoji becomes the unlikely hero of Japan when an interdimensional gate appears in the middle of Tokyo. From that gate emerges an army of sword-wielding warriors mounted on dragons and wreaking havoc among the city’s civilians.

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GateThe hero of is an otaku who reads manga about dragons and knights, so all this ordeal is not new to him. However, Yoji is much more inclined to read about his favorite isekai adventures than to participate in them. Still, his knowledge of dragons and magic in the manga pays off when he has to deal with them in real life.

2/10 Dragons are not made for a life of servitude.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maiden

An image of Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid.

After a drunken, blurry night, Kobayashi ends up with a dragon who agrees to live with her due to the fact that she has fallen head over heels for her new master. Dragons are typically portrayed as incredibly powerful predators that command respect, so having one as a personal servant is a rather unique circumstance.

As Kobayashi soon discovers, dragons are not made for a life of servitude. This leads to some hilarious situations where the dragon maiden, Tohru, is trying her best, but unfortunately she does more harm than good.

1/10 Rimuru becomes best friends with the Storm Dragon

That time I got reincarnated as a slime

Satoru and his friends in That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime.

While slimes are generally considered the weakest monsters, Rimuru is an exception to the rule. The main reason why he becomes powerful is the fact that he absorbs a powerful dragon named Veldora. From then on, Rimuru is the classic overpowered isekai protagonist, and he only gets stronger from there.

Rimuru actually becomes such good friends with Veldora at the beginning of the show that he accepts her last name, Tempest, as his own. From then on, the two are literally inseparable. Even if Veldora dies in battle, Rimuru can bring him back to life because the memories of him are stored within Rimuru’s body.

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